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Economic Hardship Foretold by Primate Ayodele Taking Shape


Going by the recent turn in the economy which hit 22.79% inflation rate in June 2023, throwing millions of Nigerians into insurmountable poverty. The hardship foretold by Primate Ayodele to the Nigerian politicians has made him to be perceived as an enemy because of his frequent outcry against them. He may not be one of their favourites because he doesn’t hold back when he speaks his mind when it comes to issues of national interest. Primate Ayodele is known for his warnings and revelations to come to pass which is evident to have significantly come to pass has foretold.

It is of a fact that he is a man of no interest in ego massaging of Nigerian politicians, but still, this doesn’t mean his warnings about national interest should be ignored. But, it is evident for Nigerian politicians, that they are mostly interested in those who pamper them with sweet words and ignore those who speak against their inhuman policies.

By history, Primate Ayodele has been an object of criticism for the Nigerian presidency but as it is said, a man that has the backing of God can never be put to sham, as every of his warnings to the Nigerian government on the economy continue to come to pass as he forewarned.

Ayodele indeed blessed the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari with accurate revelations that came to pass but in their obstinacy, they ignored most of his warnings and till date, Nigerians are still paying heavily for the government’s ignorance.

One of his revelation to the Nigerian government was economic hardship and inflation that awaits millions of Nigerians. The last administration tried to convince Nigerians that the hardship will reduce but the man of God kept on saying that he doesn’t see the hardship ending anytime soon. Foretold that the economic downtime will transcend to the new government. His last warning regarding the economy was in August 2022.

This warning was shared on several news platforms, where he made it known that he doesn’t see better days ahead for Nigerians anytime soon because things will become very expensive and a massive protest against the hardship will spring up.

His words;

‘’More hardship awaits Nigerians because this government is serious on debt that cannot finish in the next six years. Even the next government will still continue to service debt. Only God can help Nigeria because there is going to be a massive protest against the economic hardship. Things are going to be very expensive, the government is just telling Nigerians lies, I am not seeing any better days ahead because everyone will be affected. It will amount to stoning, embarrassing and mocking our leaders.’’

He further stated in his prophecy where the key inflation are going to be mostly affected by Nigerians as prices of goods will sky rocket amongst others.

His words;

‘’Our economy is in serious shambles, it will get to a point where the police and army will go on strike because of payment. There will be inflation in the country and pure water will sell for N50, local rice will sell for N30,000, five litres of groundnut oil will sell for N5,000, there will be no N200 bread, Congo of garri will sell for N1500, with N1,000 you won’t be able to feed yourself, cement will sell between N5,500-N6,000, minerals will sell for N200, Petrol is still going to N250/Litre. Nothing is coming out of this government anymore, it is confusing and will affect the rich and poor and even banks will fold up and forcefully retire some of their staffers. With this economy, hard times await private sectors, multinational companies will begin to shut down’’
We can clearly see the news of this prophecy taking shape today as it is no longer a breaking news as the hard economy keeps hitting hard on every house holds as the government is still and will continue servicing debts, every Nigerian is affected and the inflation rate of Nigeria has just risen to 22.79% according to the consumer price index (CPI), Let’s take a look at how the increase in prices of commodities has fared according to Primate Ayodele’s prophecy.

The price of pure water now is N20 from N5, A bag of rice now sells for N35,000, five litres of groundnut oil is now N12,000, hardly would one get bread of N200 now, Congo of Garri is gradually moving towards N1,500 as prophesied, Cement has just hit N6,000 per bag in Nigeria, A bottle of Pepsi now sells for N250, and lastly, a litre of Petrol now sells for N500 in Nigeria. These are prices gotten from the market and not supermarkets where prices of commodities are on the high side.

Apart from the various news platforms, Primate Ayodele shared on a video in October to remember the government of the economic hardship while relating the need for immediate solutions but the government turned a deaf ear.

‘’In Nigeria, we will still find scarcity and high rates in essential commodities. I am not seeing the prices of food coming down, we need God’s intervention urgently’’

Sincerely, if the government had listened to Primate Ayodele about these things he warned them about, they would have taken measures to salvage the impending troubles but their obstinacy, disregard for God, pride which goes before destruction, has led Nigeria into this unfortunate pit of serious economic hardship.

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