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Instruct God To End My Life Before Sunrise If I Ever Seek Guidance From Demons -Pastor Adeboye


Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, has responded to allegations suggesting that he seeks guidance from demons before ministering at the Redemption Camp.

The religious leader, often referred to as Daddy GO, addressed these accusations during the Annual Convention 2023 on Friday night. He revealed that he became aware of these claims through certain publications made by fellow clerics and groups.

Adeboye asked the congregation to pray for his passing if he ever engaged in such practices.

Expressing his indifference towards the spread of such rumors, he mentioned that he realized even some of his own congregants might have been swayed by these allegations.

“We are going to pray one more prayer. I usually don’t pay attention to the sayings of some so-called prophets, especially if they are saying something about me. I just ignore them.

“But, I learned that recently some people are saying Pastor Adeboye is using demonic forces, that there are some demons at Redemption Camp, that Pastor Adeboye will consult. Then, He would come and say ‘My Daddy said’.

“I just felt I should not pay any attention, but they said they put these things on the internet. Then, when I was praying, I think about two or three days ago, as I was praying for the Convention naturally, then I felt the leading, that there might be some people, who might believe this thing.”

In an effort to dispel any uncertainties, the religious leader went on to say, “I want you to say this prayer, ‘If Pastor Adeboye has any links with any demonic powers, let him die before the sun rises, so that he doesn’t lead several innocent people to hell. .

“Then, you add to that prayer. Say Father, but if this boy (Adeboye) is using your power and your power alone, then multiply that power seven folds.”

While this elicited a variety of responses from the church members, as many found it difficult to utter the prayer, Adeboye proceeded to beseech that if he genuinely hailed from God, His divine power within him should amplify by sevenfold. The congregation responded with a resounding “amen.”

This is the first time Pastor Adeboye, would address those who associate him with demonic influences.

An X user, Victor-King Olubiyi, has extended his sympathy to app users who have engaged in the disturbing trend of tarnishing the reputation of religious leaders, particularly the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG). He observed that only a person firmly rooted in their spiritual journey would have the courage to request such a prayer from others.

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