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Gov. Kefas Appeals To Taraba Natives Residing Abroad For Assistance


Governor Agbu Kefas of Taraba State has urged Taraba natives residing outside the region to provide assistance during times of economic difficulty and security uncertainties.

During a gathering with Taraba State natives residing in Abuja over the weekend, Kefas extended his plea, emphasizing the importance of their cooperation in advancing the state.

He expressed that Taraba’s progress would be significantly boosted if both its residents within the state and those living elsewhere actively participated in its growth and development.

In his words; “Don’t allow our state to sink.”

He highlighted that the assistance his leadership seeks involves initiatives aimed at fostering productivity, promoting harmonious living, and ensuring economic prosperity.

“The economic development of Taraba state is a crucial aspect that demands our attention. Taraba holds immense potential, from its fertile land to its rich cultural potential.

“So let us come together and invest in our economic growth through entrepreneurship, investment in key sectors and providing mentorship to the youth.

“By doing this, we would not only create opportunities for Tarabians but also contribute to the prosperity of our dear state,” Kefas said.

The Governor emphasized that Taraba possesses plentiful human, solid mineral, and natural resources. He underlined the significance of their involvement as key participants to accelerate the state’s developmental progress.

Previously, the Secretary to the State Government, Gebon Kataps, emphasized the significance of the diaspora community and conveyed to the assembly the state government’s adoption of an inclusive strategy that fosters discussions, input, and innovative suggestions from all involved parties.

“It is in this regard that Agbu Kefas, request the collective efforts of all well-placed Tarabians to propel our state to unimaginable heights, especially in the thematic area of peace and security, education, healthcare, infrastructure, agriculture, and tourism in Taraba State.

The Taraba State Government expressed its commitment to establishing a conducive investment atmosphere, promoting transparency, and guaranteeing accountability across all sectors.

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