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Final Year ESUT Student Mbah Ezinne, Found Dead


By: Isaac Faith

Mbah Ezinne, a senior student at Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT), has been found dead in her room.

The student from the Department of Anatomy was discovered in her apartment on Sunday, having not attended her church as expected. All efforts to reach her all through the day proved abortive.

As per the report, by Monday morning, attempts to contact Ezinne were unsuccessful, causing worry among her friends and family. Fearing for her safety, her brother Stephen and a group of friends set out to her Enugu residence, where they discovered her lifeless body on the floor alongside a male friend, who is currently hospitalized.

Neighbors advised him to contact the police before taking any additional steps, prior to the recovery of the body. The friend, whose identity is yet to ascertained, was successfully revived but is still in the process of recovering.

Meanwhile, upon reaching the hospital, Ezinne was declared deceased.

Further updates will follow regarding this matter, as there have been no press releases or concrete evidence available at this time.

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