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“All I Wanted To Do Was Bring Back My Child” – Actress Debbie Shokoya breaks silence after losing 1st child


Nollywood star Deborah Shokoya, aka Debbie Shokoya, is currently mourning.

After being pregnant for several months, she revealed on Thursday that she has experienced the loss of her unborn child.

In a heartfelt Instagram video, the grieving mother expressed that the tragedy happened more than a month ago, but she has now decided to open up to the public and share her story.

“Almost everyone knows Debbie Shokoya, she’s pregnant, she’s expecting. And with all Glory to God, I lost my child, I lost my child….8 months. And by the time you’ll be watching this video, this has happened for over a month. Yeah” the actress said.

She emphasized her preference for discussing matters that resonate with her. Explaining her decision to disclose the sorrowful news to her followers at this time, Shokoya highlighted that it was aimed at preventing the spread of any false information.
She appealed “please, be careful about what you are going to say. Words are sensitive, especially when it comes to this matter. I’m a mother, I carried my child for 8 months.”

Having been abroad for an extended period, the emotional actress tearfully expressed her desire to return to Nigeria with her child. She shared that she had made considerable sacrifices for the baby, acknowledging that God knows best. She revealed that her family provided solace and encouraged her to “keep praising God.”

While the comments were disabled for the video, Shokoya’s admirers and fellow industry members conveyed their affection and encouragement through her most recent post.

Recall that a blogger had alleged that the actress was dating a married man, Lukman Ejalonibu and on Valentine’s day, got engaged to him.

This did not go down well with some of her fans who were disappointed in her choice. Some complained about her conversion from Christianity because of him, while others frowned at the fact that he was a married man.

More knocks accompanied when news broke that she was also pregnant for the man. This made the actress an object of mockery to trolls on social media.

Previously, a blogger claimed that the actress, Deborah Shokoya, was involved in a romantic relationship with a married man named Lukman Ejalonibu. The blogger further alleged that they became engaged on Valentine’s Day this year.

This revelation was met with disapproval from a portion of her fan base, who expressed their disappointment in her decisions. Certain individuals lamented her apparent shift away from Christianity due to the relationship, while others criticized her involvement with a married man.

The situation escalated when it was disclosed that she was carrying the man’s child. Subsequently, the actress became the target of ridicule by online trolls, leading to an influx of negative comments and mockery on social media platforms.

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