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Tinubu Assures Economic Restructuring


President Bola Tinubu on Wednesday provided reassurance to investors, stating that his efforts to enhance Nigeria’s economy will be further strengthened through an intensified effort to eliminate obstacles hindering smooth business establishment and management in Nigeria. This includes a focus on enhancing service efficiency, conducting tax assessments, and bolstering security measures.

During a meeting with Ade Adeola, the Managing Director of Energy and Natural Resources in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East at Standard Chartered Bank, President Tinubu conveyed that his administration is diligently striving to create a positive impact in attracting investments.
“We are committed to strengthening partnership, encouraging efficiency, and creating a suitable environment for investors. We are already working hard on security. We will improve efficiency across the board for good input and output, and we will build a very friendly environment for growth and investments,’’ he said.

The President informed the delegation that comprehensive tax reforms are being implemented, taking careful inspiration from global best practices. These reforms are designed to benefit businesses and contribute to the overall prosperity of the nation.

“We are open for business. We believe in partnership, and we will work with all those interested in the progress of Nigeria,’’ he noted.

During his comments, Adeola highlighted that the bank has maintained a strong dedication to facilitating investments in Nigeria over an extended period. Their focus has predominantly been on energy and natural resources, with a substantial portfolio dedicated to funding within the oil and gas sector.

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