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Edo Guber: Paul Obazele’s ambition, another Nollywood bold step or joke?


Paul Obazele: Political observers closely following the upcoming Edo State governorship election in November 2024 are expressing a key inquiry about the validity of the circulating reports in news media, suggesting that renowned Nollywood actor, Paul Obazele, is considering a bid for the esteemed position of Edo State’s governor.

They are interested in whether this rumor holds any truth and how it might impact the dynamics of the election and the state’s political landscape.

While some state that the actor may just be acting another Nollywood script, others conclude that he might just be serious about his noble ambition.

Paul Obazele
Paul Obazele-Nollywood Actor

This is not the first time a thespian or entertainers generally would aspire as governors or president but historically, none has been able to break the jinx safe for some who were lucky enough to be appointment into government boards or parastatals.

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Obazele holds the belief that he possesses the necessary capabilities to enact a transformative change in the narrative of Edo State. He is confident that if the citizens grant him an opportunity, he can bring about positive and impactful changes to the state’s development and progress.

Top Society News is watching closely as events unfold towards every necessary democratic arrangement for the election.

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