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Glo Partners with MoneyMaster, Rolls Out Reward for G-Kala Subscribers


<span;>In partnership with Money Master Payment Service Bank (PSB), Globacom telecommunication, otherwise known as “Glo”, has listed out rewards meted out for old and new subscribers who have activated their G-Kala wallet.

<span;>NB: “G-Kala wallet is the personal purse of a Glo subscriber. Upon activation, it enables them to transfer money for purchases, buy airtime, pay bills and pay for goods and services without having to log into any app or use the internet.”

<span;>“It is fast and reliable as it is backed by the power of the Globacom network. The wallet is also safe and convenient because it ensures that subscribers do not have to carry cash around”, Money Master PSB added.

<span;>Subscribers are therefore expected to continuously use the G-Kala as frequent as possible, to stand a chance of winning the cash price gift in October 2023.

<span;>According to the service bank, Glo subscribers who wishes to participate in the G-Kala raffle draw, are advised to endeavor to be among the first 100 participants.

<span;>All they need do is to dial *995# in their Glo sim to activate their G-Kala wallet, recharge a minimum of N100 airtime, and they would automatically be among the first 100 to stand a chance to win the cash prices. Meanwhile, the subscribers would automatically receive a free gift of N100, into their G-Kala wallet within 24 hours.

<span;>PSB also encouraged mobile subscribers on the Glo network to “make utmost use of the opportunity provided by the package” and those who do not have Glo network sim should hurry and get one immediate to key into the available opportunity to cash out.

<span;>Already existing G-Kala customers in and around Lagos are also advised to dial immediately dial the code *995# on their Glo lines, chose the airtime purchase option and do the needful, by entering No 4. This would qualify them to also be among first 100 customers every day to win the free N100.

<span;>Globacom Limited, is a Nigerian multinational telecommunications company owned by Mike Adenuga from Western Nigeria and founded on 29 August 2003. Glo has over 4,000 staff members across Africa and over 60 million subscribers.

<span;>At the launch of G-Kala some months ago, the flagship company, MoneyMaster PSB Managing Director, Demola Elutilo, said that the G-kala programme would revolutionize the industry, create new job opportunities and further deepen the financial inclusion of the company.

<span;>G-Kala is also proposed to bring in a huge number of the unbanked populace into the financial system of the country. The PSB slogan is all about “Your phone is your bank and your phone number is your bank account”.

<span;>“MoneyMaster PSB will bring convenience and inclusion across all our target segments of the population. With G-kala, your phone is your bank. Aside from the benefits to our customers, we are on-boarding a very large number of agents for cash in and cash out, through which we are creating new jobs in our various communities, which is also a boost to the nation’s economy. This is the beginning of our journey to revolutionize the financial services landscape in the country,” Demola’s speech reads.

<span;>‘MoneyMaster PSB was granted a payment service bank licence by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) on August 27, 2020 but commenced commercial operations on May 30, 2022. As a PSB, it can facilitate payment, remittance services within Nigeria, accept deposits from individuals and small businesses, issue debit, and prepaid cards, operate electronic wallets, and carry out other services in line with CBN regulations. Unlike commercial banks, however, it cannot grant loans.

<span;>As part of its commitment to bridging the financial inclusion gap in the country and reaching the bulk of the unbanked population, MoneyMaster PSB plans to have a massive rollout that will see it engaging over 100,000 agents across the country to serve as the primary interface for deposits and withdrawals.

<span;>“Our over-arching business objective remains to empower Nigerians by providing them with unlimited opportunities. We shall target the unbanked and under-banked with G-Kala, our flagship product, in order to deepen financial inclusion in Nigeria,” the company said. “One key feature of MoneyMaster’s G-kala product is that the customer’s phone number will be used as his or her account number.”

<span;>To create the largest undisputed and widely spread digital financial service touch points, in order to deepen financial inclusion G-Kala offers easy banking and payments services. The customer’s telephone is the bank, while the telephone number is your bank account number.’

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