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Olubadan Takes Action: Suspends of Mogaji Amid Land Dispute


It appears that a potential conflict is developing in Oyo State, as the Olubadan of Ibadan land, Oba Lekan Balogun, announced the temporary removal of Chief Olawale Oladoja, one of the Ibadan mogajis, on Friday.

Oladoja, known as Mogaji Akinsola, found himself at the center of a controversy when he oversaw the closure of numerous residences in Alaja Phase One, Alaja Phase Two, Isagunna, and Aponmode neighborhoods within the Akinyele local government area of Oyo State on Wednesday.

Chief Olawale Oladoja

Reportedly, more than 200 residences in Moniya, located within the Akinyele Local Government Area of Oyo State, were closed off by a Compound Head (Mogaji) who asserted authority over the area. This individual insisted that all property owners within the region must repurchase the land.

It’s worth noting that the Olubadan of Ibadanland, Oba Lekan Balogun, had previously cautioned all Mogajis and Baales against the resale of any land or property that had already been transferred by their predecessors.

Oba Lekan Balogun-Olubadan

In response to the situation, Oladoja justified his actions by explaining that the Akinsola family was acting in accordance with a court ruling from 2021. This legal judgment confirmed the Akinsola family’s rightful ownership of the land and their intention to reclaim it. This move was seen as a proactive step by the family to regain possession of their property.

In carrying out the aforementioned court ruling, Oladoja took action to secure a number of houses by locking their entrances and marking them with distinctive red marks. This process involved physically sealing off the properties to indicate their association with the legal dispute and the court’s decision.

As a result of this action, the residents were forced out of their homes, causing some of them to spend the entire night outdoors. Subsequently, they organized a protest at the Olubadan Palace on Thursday to express their grievances.


Olubadan Palace

The situation was met with a wave of complaints and a strong public outcry, which gained significant attention on the internet. This widespread response prompted the convening of an emergency meeting on Friday. The meeting was attended by key figures, including the Olubadan, select members of his Advisory Council, representatives from the Ibadan Mogajis led by Chief Asimiyu Adepoju Ariori, Mogaji Akinsola, and representatives of the affected residents. During this meeting, a series of decisions were made, including the suspension of the Mogaji and other measures.

Following the meeting, Oladele Ogunsola, the Personal Assistant (Media) to the Olubadan, addressed the press and revealed that three distinct communities: Akinsola, Aponmode and Labinkulu, were involved in the matter.

The remaining two communities, led by Baale Aponmode, Dauda Bolarinwa Aponmode, and Morufu Raufu, conveyed their accounts of the situation. They recounted how Mogaji Akinsola had approached them, seeking their support in reclaiming the land from the property owners. However, they revealed that they declined his invitation and chose not to participate in his efforts.

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During his address, Mogaji Akinsola informed the monarch and the Advisory Council that he had undertaken numerous efforts to find a resolution to the issue prior to initiating his actions. He revealed that the matter had been officially brought to the palace’s attention, and attempts were initiated to mediate. However, he chose not to await the palace’s final intervention and proceeded to engage security authorities to carry out the execution of the court judgment that legally granted his family ownership rights over the contested land.

As stated in the announcement, Oba Biodun Kola-Daisi, the Ashipa Olubadan, delivered the riot act on behalf of the Olubadan Advisory Council in the following manner: “Several facts were established here today and they pointed to the fact that Mogaji Akinsola didn’t follow the code of conduct usually handed down to both Mogajis and Baales when appointed.

“In this instance, the case was already in the palace, but, did you inform the palace before the police was invited? Your action inconvenienced, embarrassed the Olubadan stool and the Ibadanland. You crossed the line and the Council has decided that you be suspended as Mogaji.

“You are also ordered to tender public apology to the people inconvenienced.

“You defied Olubadan, took laws into your hands by going ahead to take such drastic decision. This will serve as a deterrent to others who fail to appreciate and recognize the responsibility their position as either Baale or Mogaji entails. Your suspension will last for as long as it takes to resolve the problem you have created.” Ashipa Olubadan added.

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