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Oyo State Government Directs Former Appointees to Return Official Vehicles


The Oyo State Government, under the leadership of Governor Seyi Makinde, has issued a directive for all political appointees who served during the first tenure to promptly return the official vehicles that were allocated to them.


The government has emphasized the urgency of this matter and has set a deadline of Friday, August 25, 2023, for the former appointees to comply with this directive.


The official communication conveying this instruction was released on a Friday and was officially signed by the Secretary to the State Government, Professor Olanike Adeyemo.


The statement released by the Oyo State Government further elaborated on the directive regarding the return of official vehicles. It specified that certain high-ranking officials are exempt from this directive. These include:


1. The Governor and Deputy Governor: As the highest-ranking executives of the state, the Governor and Deputy Governor are exempt from returning their official vehicles.


2. The Speaker and Members of the House of Assembly: This exemption extends to the Speaker of the House of Assembly and its members, acknowledging their integral roles in the legislative process.


3. The Chief Judge of the State and Judges: Given the importance of the judiciary in upholding the rule of law, the Chief Judge and Judges are also exempt from returning their official vehicles.


4. Secretary to the State Government, Chief of Staff, and Head of Service: These key administrative officials who assist in the functioning of the state government have been granted exemption as well.


5. Commissioners and Permanent Secretaries: Officials responsible for overseeing specific departments and their corresponding administrative heads are not required to return their vehicles.


6. Accountant-General, Auditors-General, and Surveyor-General: These officials responsible for financial and surveying matters have also been exempted.


The statement further noted that individuals who have received vehicles as gifts at the discretion of the governor are also exempt from the return directive. However, officials who believe they fall under this exemption due to having received vehicles as gifts are required to provide proper documentary evidence to support their claim. This evidence should be presented to the designated schedule officers at their respective Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs).


This additional clarification aims to ensure transparency and accurate documentation of exceptions to the return directive.


Part of the statement reads: “Schedule officers in Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) in the State Public/Civil Service are mandated to recover official vehicles that have been taken away without due authorisation, if not returned on or before Friday, 25th August, 2023.”

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