The Hand of God Cathedral: “We are about to spend more than we have spent”- Pst. Ibiyeomie - The Top Society

The Hand of God Cathedral: “We are about to spend more than we have spent”- Pst. Ibiyeomie

By Blessing Emmanuel

Pst. David Ibiyome-General Overseer, Salvation Ministries

Nigerian clergy and General Overseer of Salvation Ministries Worldwide, David Ibiyeomie, has announced that it would cost him more than N27 billion to complete the gigantic cathedral (Hand of God), being erected at the Church’s headquarter in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

David Ibiyeomie
Hand of God cathederal

During his sermon in his Church on Sunday, August 20, Ibiyeomie said it was going to cost the church more to finish the building than what was spent in erecting it.

The clergy said this to encourage his members not to look like what they are going through. Ibiyome further emphasized that with all the millions spent in the cathedral building, coupled with the fact that the materials used are custom made from China, he had never disturbed or pressured the congregation to sow any seed towards the project.

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“What will be spent in finishing and furnishing the 5 FINGERS OF GOD CATHEDRAL is bigger than what was spent in building the structure.

“Now, listen! Have you ever come and see me like a man under stress? No! If I tell you, some people the present budget of The Cathedral is more than all that we have built. As you see it is standing, you know the building is standing? We have put windows. Many Churches, it is at this level they will pack in but what we are to do now is more than the ones we have spent. You know? It is not to build house, it is the finishing. Chairs alone is seven point something million dollars, the chairs oo, it’s not ‘Kpako chair.’

Everything is millions!!!! Do I look like somebody panicking? I come here, I laugh. True? If it is some people they will have grey hair, at 60 years they will be looking like 120 years old. You say wetin? ‘Hmm! That Project e dey hit me oo’! For what? Am I the owner? I’m not the owner oo. He said: ‘I will build My Church…’ Am I the Builder? Me too, I’m watching Him build.

David Ibiyeomie
Pst. David Ibiyeomie-General Overseer, Salvation Ministries

The way some of you do life as if you are the one who owns your life.

“Sometimes when they call, Pastor Buchi is here, he is among those we send officially to go to China for the completion. If you see the budget, everything! I will say: ‘Pastor Buchi, you people eh! Everything, one point something, three point something, seven point something’! Did we worry you in Church? You! As you are here, have we worried you? No! Are you not calm?

“If it is some people, even you sef, the heat from me you will feel it. I will come to Church, I will say: ‘Cathedral oo!! Ten point something billion, have I worried you before’? I am at peace! Everything there is in billions, the Edge Vac alone, how many billions? They say: ‘Ten point something billion’, as I’m talking to you, we have paid them some billions already.

“Did anybody worry you here? The A.C, did anybody worry you here? Are you under pressure? Have you ever come to this Church and anybody pressurize you? If you like you give, if you no like, na you sabi. I’m not the owner.” Pst. Ibiyome preached.

“The Hand of God” refers to the Salvation Ministries’ Cathedral and Headquarters, a massive structure with a capacity of 120,000 people, destined to become one of the largest church auditoriums worldwide.

Note that the cathedral building project has been ongoing for over 3 years. In August 2020, Pastor Ibiyeomie announced that about $72 million (N36 million) was spent only on the carcass of the ‘Hand of God’ which implies that well over N72 Billion would have been spent by the time the project is completed.

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