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Deji of Akure Orders Closure of Markets and Shops Ahead of Aheregbe Festival


It has been announced that markets and shops in Akure, Ondo State Capital will be closed in observance of the annual Aheregbe Festival is scheduled to take place.

The Palace of the Deji & Paramount Ruler of Akure Kingdom has informed the residents of Akure and the surrounding areas that all markets and shops in Akure will be closed on Friday, August 25th, 2023. Pharmacy shops and patent medicine stores are exempted from exercise.

Deji of Akure with Palace Staff

The decision to close these establishments stems from the need to adhere to the longstanding tradition associated with the Aheregbe Festival. It is crucial to underline that there will be no trading or opening of shops during the festival, without exception.

Residents, market women, and shop owners are urged to adhere to this directive. However, it’s important to note that only pharmacy shops and patent medicine stores will be exempt from the closure during the festival.

Furthermore, the festival will not impose any restrictions on human and vehicular movement.

The release is signed by Adeyeye Michael, Chief Press Secretary to the Deji of Akure, dated August 24th, 2021.

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Aheregbe is a yearly festival in Akure during which the markets are closed and some traditional rites are performed round major neighbourhoods in the city.

Chief Joseph Adeola Ogunleye, the leader of the palace chiefs, provided a comprehensive discussion on Aheregbe and elaborated on the festival’s importance to the Akure Kingdom.

“Aheregbe is a festival that dates back to the days of our forefathers, more than 400 years ago. It was established so that the community would be peaceful and stable. Traditionally, on a day like this, nobody must go to farm, split firewood, set eyes on a tent in the farm, prepare beans cake or do commerce. There was a plague then. When the elders enquired, they were instructed to institute this festival. For instance, the Deji has already done every ritual that needed to be done.

“The name of the festival was derived from the fact that nobody must sight or enter a tent called ahere in the farm on the day of the festival.

“In the past, on a day like this, the only markets people could open were the ones in front of Iralepo of Isinkan’s palace and that of Osolo of Isolo. It was also in Isinkan alone that people could split firewood.”

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