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Son of the Soil: Dennis Osahon Aikoriogie for a New Edo State


Edo State: Picture a vibrant Nigeria of tomorrow, pulsating with change and hope. But remember, this transformation isn’t possible without trailblazing leaders at the helm. Just as a single gem illuminates a setting, a thriving state crafts a triumphant nation.

Meet the embodiment of this ethos: Dr. Dennis Osahon Aikoriogie, a visionary who’s not only devoted his resources and time, but also his captivating persona, to the service of Edo State. He’s not just a catalyst for change; he’s the spark that’s reshaping lives, paving the way for an Edo State that thrives and so, Nigeria at large.

Raised within Edo State’s borders, he’s a true ‘son of the soil’, his heart intertwined with the land. This connection fuels his conviction that political leadership offers the prime avenue to reciprocate to his community. Edo State hungers for an extraordinary figure, one who grasps the essence of grassroots involvement and community empowerment, recognizing their pivotal role in the tapestry of democratic governance.

Edo State
Dr. Dennis Osahon Aikoriogie

‘Dr. Dennis Osahon Aikoriogie’s political vision is centered around the empowerment of the people, fostering unity, and revitalizing the economy of Edo State.

He envisions a state where every Indigene has access to quality education, healthcare, and employment opportunities. His approach is comprehensive, encompassing sustainable development, infrastructure improvements, and the promotion of tourism, agriculture, and technology sectors. Moreover, he places great emphasis on accountability, transparency, and efficient governance, ensuring that the State’s resources are utilized for the benefit of its residents.’

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Dr. Aikoriogie is not one to sit at his comfort zone and leave the people to their fate. On regular basis, he is seen engaging and interacting with the people and he also attends Town Hall meetings, contributing his own quota to the agenda of the day.

Edo State
Dr. Dennis Osahon Aikoriogie

It is then safe to say that Dr. Aikoriogie is fully involved in the decision-making processes at the grassroot. And it also means that he would ensure the voice of the people of Edo is always heard and their needs met, down to the grassroot level.

Dr. Aikoriogie’s vision for Edo State speaks volume on commitment to sustainable development, infrastructural advancement, improved social welfare and good governance, and it is believed that his impact on the state and its residents will undoubtedly be felt for generations to come. By extension, his leadership would concentrate on.

Undoubtedly, this agent of change is the kind of leader required to infuse Edo State with a revitalizing breeze.


Arriving on June 14th, 1982, a precious baby boy was bestowed upon the esteemed Aikoriogie Edoimioya Iyase N’Zomo Benin Royal Family in Egor Local Government Area of Edo State. This young soul was raised by Mr. and Mrs. Aikoriogie, who held steadfast to the belief that education is a legacy parents bestow upon their offspring, inspiring the lad to aim for loftier summits.

At the early stage, Dr. Aikoriogie was enrolled into Edokpolor Primary School, Benin City and later proceeded to Broadway Group of Schools, Benin City for his secondary education. The young Osahon later bagged Diploma in Accounting in University of Benin and that was followed with a Bachelor of Science, Mathematics and Economics, University of Benin, Benin City and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA), University at Buffalo, New York.

Edo State

Due to his impressive and unequal contributions in the service of God and humanity, Dr Osahon was awarded Doctor of Philosophy (Honoris Causa) by Christian Leadership and Business, Cornerstone Christian University, Georgia, USA. This is in bearing with his regal personage; his humility, his total commitment to a just and free society and his world views on egalitarianism, coupled with his unassuming sagacity for a humane global amity.

Dr Dennis Osahon Aikoriogie belongs to numerous global august bodies as a testament to his regenerative impulses, creative innovations as a ‘Development Angel’ who have solutions to every problem that comes his way, where others are overwhelmed; stagnated, weighed down by possibilities and total resignation.

Dr Osahon is also qualified as an Applied Data Science Lab, World Quart University; Certified Scrum Master (CSM), Member, Institute of Chartered Economists of Nigeria, Fellow Institute of Management Consultants, Nigeria; Member Nigeria Institute of Management, Member Certified Management Consultant, Certified Management Specialist (CMS) London Graduate School; Member The National Society of Leadership and Success, USA; Board Member, University of Benin Alumni Association North America; Project Management Professional (In Progress); Internship- First Bank of Nigeria Plc, Customer Service Officer; Marketing Officer Sovereign Trust Insurance Plc.

In addition; Dr Osahon in the Committee on Works staff, Federal House Of Representatives, Abuja; Marketing Officer Melrose Trust Savings and Laons Plc, Abuja; Principal Staff Officer, Admin and communications to the Chief Traffic Controller, Rivers State Road Traffic Management Authority; Confidential Secretary and Executive Assistant to the Controller General, Rivers State Road Traffic Management Authority; Research Officer, Department of Research and Planning, Rivers State Road Traffic Management Authority; Admin Officer to Zonal Controller, Rivers State Road Traffic Management Authority.

His experiences in the global sphere of business leadership earned him the position of Executive Financial Planner, Cornerstone Insurance Plc; Healthcare Professional, New York State Office for People with Developmental Disabilities; Chief Executive Officer, Global Hobnob Nigeria Limited; Chief Executive Officer, Ratchet Effect Global Service Ltd; Chief Executive Officer, Global Hobnob LLC, New York and Chief Executive Officer, Hobnob Media Consultancy Nigeria Limited.

His tirelessness, industrious acumen and relentless studies, and determination to achieve far more his parents has actualized in every aspect of life horned his quest for total skills acquisition and that has sufficiently and adequately prepared him for the future and the Governorship of the State under Labour Party, as the current Governor Godwin Obaseki climbs down from the exalted office, come November 12, 2024.

Without mincing words, without the contributions from the likes of Dr Dennis Osahon and his Diaspora support groups in Europe and America, the huge success of the Obi-dient movement and the Labour Party have enjoyed and still enjoying in the last 9-months
wouldn’t have been recorded in so swift a short period of time.

The Labor Party must exhibit impartiality in reflecting the caliber of candidates vying for Governorship nominations under its banner. This sincerity is paramount if the party genuinely aims for an improved Edo State, especially after the disappointments of the past 24 years marked by the failures of APC and PDP since the inception of the Fourth Republic.

A recurring challenge that the nation has is the dwindling importance of crude oil in the global market which is its economic mainstay. Dr Osahon as Edo State Governor has the roadmap to diversify the State’s economy from waiting for monthly allocations which prepares him adequately for a post oil economy, where states go cap-in-hand for monthly subversion.

Positioned within the dynamic realm of the Labour Party, Dr. Dennis Osahon Aikoriogie emerges as the harbinger of Edo State’s transformation into a powerhouse of economic expansion and advancement. His vision extends towards seamlessly integrating the state into the tapestry of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and propelling it into a realm of knowledge-driven prosperity.

Dr. Osahon’s unique charisma and magnetic influence become the driving forces that rally together the finest minds, whether they reside within the borders of the state or across distant shores. This cohesive gathering of intellectual prowess, both local and global, forms the bedrock upon which his strategy is built. The aim? To forge a trajectory that catapults Edo State into an era of unparalleled growth, harnessing technology and knowledge to elevate it to unprecedented heights on the economic and developmental frontiers.

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