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Spanish Football Chief Rubiales Firmly Rejects Resignation Calls Amidst Controversy

Alleges 'False Feminism' Smear Campaign


Spanish Football Federation president Luis Rubiales staunchly rejects calls for resignation after controversial conduct at Women’s World Cup final. He attributes accusations of ‘false feminism’ to a smear campaign against him, denouncing it as a ‘social murder’.

The incident involved Rubiales kissing Spanish player Jenni Hermoso on the mouth during the medal ceremony after Spain’s 1-0 victory over England in Sydney. Additional footage captures Rubiales making a gesture towards his crotch while near Queen Letizia of Spain and her 16-year-old daughter, Princess Infanta Sofia.


Despite escalating demands for his departure and previous criticism, Rubiales remains resolute, labeling his critics as ‘idiots’.

Amid an intense atmosphere following a crucial assembly of federation authorities, he emphatically declared, “Resignation is not on my agenda!” The determined proclamation, repeated four times, was accompanied by a resolute commitment: “I’ll battle this out till the very end.”

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Meanwhile, the embattled position of Spain’s women’s team coach, Jorge Vilda, appears uncertain, with reports from Diario AS suggesting his departure might be in the cards.

Rubiales said:

‘This is the body that elected me and the body to which I must give explanations.

‘I want to apologise for an event that occurred in the box [the crotch-grabbing]. I am going to explain it by looking at Jorge Vilda.

‘We have been through a lot, they have wanted to do to you the same thing that they are doing to me know, they are trying to create a false speech and turn it against you.

‘I was very moved when after winning the World Cup you turned around and dedicated it to me. There I made the gesture.

‘I apologise to Her Majesty the Queen, I have never behaved like this in a box.’

On the Hermoso kiss, he said:

‘It was more of a peck than a kiss. There was no desire, the desire was the same I would have giving my daughter a kiss, there was no dominance. It was spontaneous, mutual and consented.

‘I have a great relationship with all the players and we had very affectionate moments.

‘Jenni picked me up off the ground and we almost fell. She was the one who lifted me up. We hugged and I told her: ‘Forget the [missed] penalty, you’ve been fantastic in this World Cup’ and she told me ‘you’re a crack’ and I told her, a little peck? and she said okay.’

‘It is a social murder, they are trying to kill me. As a Spaniard, we have to reflect on where we are going

‘False feminism does not seek justice, it does not seek the truth, it does not care about people.’

Rubiales then said:

‘The time has come to say something. I was wrong and it was not the time to make that gesture. Is it serious for me to leave? I am not going to resign.’

He repeated this statement three more times, adding: ‘I’m going to fight until the end.’

In a recent development, FIFA has officially initiated disciplinary proceedings against the football chief, who had clung tenaciously to his position despite mounting controversy. Reports surfaced within Spanish media, indicating that Luis Rubiales had been contemplating his role’s viability following a request for clarification from Spain’s acting Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez.

As the public outcry surrounding the 46-year-old’s actions continues, Rubiales remains steadfast in his refusal to step down from his post. Notably, Rubiales currently commands an annual salary of £214,000 in his capacity as a vice-president for UEFA, the governing body of European football.

Meanwhile, Jorge Vilda, closely associated with Rubiales, finds himself under scrutiny. Accusations of maintaining a controlling atmosphere have emerged, with Mundo Deportivo alleging that Vilda enforced a practice of keeping players’ room doors open to verify their bedtime adherence.

Further allegations have surfaced regarding Jorge Vilda, as it is claimed that he went to extensive lengths to exert control over the Spanish women’s football team. Among the reported actions, Vilda is said to have inspected players’ bags upon their return from shopping excursions and insisted on being informed about their interactions outside the confines of the team camp.

In 2022, a noteworthy development saw 15 players communicate their unavailability for selection under Vilda’s leadership, bringing attention to the coach’s management style.

Adding to the controversies, video footage emerged depicting Vilda seemingly touching a female staff member on the breast following Spain’s decisive winning goal in the final match.

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