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“I don’t have the worst BBL”-Blessing CEO Defends Cosmetic Enhancements


BBL: Blessing Okoro, who goes by the title of a self-proclaimed relationship expert and is widely recognized as Blessing CEO, has responded strongly to remarks made by Socialite Pretty Mike concerning her cosmetic enhancements. In an effort to counter Pretty Mike’s assertion that her body modifications were extreme, Blessing Okoro utilized her Instagram platform to proudly display her recently acquired buttock augmentation, widely known as BBL, asserting its natural appearance.

In her Instagram post, she not only showcased her enhanced posterior but also took the opportunity to defend her choice. She emphasized that the alterations she made to her body were not as drastic as Pretty Mike had depicted them, contesting his characterization of her enhancements as the “worst.”

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Blessing CEO

During a recent podcast discussion on the intricacies of cosmetic surgery titled ‘Terms and Conditions,’ Pretty Mike asserted this viewpoint regarding Blessing CEO’s augmented physique.

Without hesitation, Pretty Mike bluntly pointed out that when it comes to Nigerian celebrities who have undergone Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) procedures, reality TV star Khloe stands out as having the most impressive and well-executed enhancements he has ever witnessed:

“KokobyKhloe. You know why I’ll say that? I’ve seen her from zero to a hundred. She’s like family. It’s in her persona.”

Transitioning to the category of the least successful Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) outcomes, the proprietor of the nightclub confidently singled out the self-proclaimed relationship expert, all while wearing a broad smile.

In reaction, Blessing CEO clapped back,

“So people have been tagging me on Instablog, saying that Pretty Mike said I have the worst BBL. And I’m like ‘bro, where is that coming from?’ This is me, I don’t have the worst BBL,” she said.

Continuing, she mentioned that she had prior knowledge of Pretty Mike’s remarks on the ‘Terms and Conditions’ podcast even before the video gained widespread attention. The entrepreneur further emphasized that she maintains a friendship with the socialite, asserting that he mentioned her name due to the comfort and trust he felt in their relationship.

 “Let me get this straight Pretty Mike na my friend o, I did not pick offense to what he said because I have also been invited to the same podcast, and they don already tell me say na wetin him talk, so even before the video came out, they already told me that he said I have the worst BBL,” she said.

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While he refrained from outrightly condemning individuals who opt for surgical enhancements, he did express strong disapproval towards those who undergo such procedures and then falsely portray their transformed appearance, consequently misleading others.

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