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Shaibu Renews Loyalty to Obaseki Amidst Tensions


Edo State – Deputy Governor of Edo State, Phillip Shaibu has reaffirmed his allegiance to Governor Godwin Obaseki, despite recent tensions between the two. Shaibu referred to Obaseki as his “elder brother and boss,” marking a notable reconciliation after weeks of strife between the governor and his deputy.

The conciliatory tone struck by Shaibu followed a period of intense disagreement between the two leaders. Shaibu had taken legal action by securing an injunction from the Federal High Court in Abuja, aimed at preventing any attempts by the governor and the state House of Assembly to impeach him.

Governor Obaseki expressed his astonishment at Shaibu’s legal maneuver, going as far as accusing his deputy of orchestrating a coup against him. The public disagreement had caught the attention of many, causing a buzz around the political landscape of Edo State.

During an interview granted at an interdenominational thanksgiving service commemorating the Midwest Referendum and Edo State’s 32nd anniversary, Shaibu openly declared his loyalty to Governor Obaseki. The event took place at the New Festival Hall within the Government House in Benin City, marking a symbolic step towards unity between the governor and his deputy.

He stated


“My loyalty to the governor remains absolute. I see that everybody is doing solidarity. I am also in solidarity with the governor. I am also declaring my unalloyed solidarity and loyalty to the governor and nothing more.

“As for the issues that are around town when I was away, I really would not want to talk. Issues that concern my governor are not things I like to speak about on camera. No, no, no! He is my elder brother and boss and I don’t think I should talk about anything. And if I have issues with him, I think it is better settled at home and not in the media. I am well brought up.

“I can tell you that from my Christian background, if you make a vow with God that you want to do something, you must fulfill it. And the vow I have taken with God is that I will continue to support Godwin Obaseki as the governor of Edo State from the beginning to the end.

“But that does not stop anything that has to do with ambition. Ambition is personal and it does not affect loyalty. My loyalty to the governor remains absolute. I see that everybody is doing solidarity. I am also in solidarity with the governor. I am also declaring my unalloyed solidarity and loyalty to the governor and nothing more.”


In his plea, the governor emphasizes the need to transcend the boundaries of ethnicity and religion, reminding the people that their collective efforts have the power to shape the destiny of Edo State. The call for unity comes at a time when many parts of the nation are grappling with identity-based tensions, making Governor Obaseki’s stance all the more pertinent.

Obaseki expressed his concerns over the daunting period that the nation is currently undergoing, characterized by distressing circumstances and a seemingly grim outlook due to prevailing socio-economic challenges. However, amidst these trying times, the governor has called upon the citizens of Nigeria to retain their faith in the nation’s potential for improvement and growth.

Governor Obaseki’s rallying cry for Nigerians to remain resilient and hopeful amidst adversity comes at a time when the country grapples with multifaceted difficulties. His words, laden with a sense of purpose and vision, serve as a beacon of inspiration for citizens who may be disheartened by the current state of affairs.

He said,


“I appreciate all those who have created time to come and worship with us at the 60th Mid-West Referendum and 32nd anniversary of Edo State.

“We are here today to praise and thank God for what He has done for us as a people. Yes, things are difficult, times are hard, and the future looks bleak but we must thank God as it can only get better with our belief and hope in him. This morning, I am expected to make some declarations upon the State and the glory of the new Edo nation.”

Citing verses 1 and 2 of the Book of Psalms, chapter 24, Governor Obaseki remarked that: “Dear citizens of Edo State, blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. The people He chose for his inheritance, the Earth is of the Lord and everything in it, the World and all who lives in it, for He founded it on the sea and established it on the waters. (Psalms 24 vs 1-2).

“Father you are as close as the very air we breathe. May we and our beloved State continue to grow and revolve around you and the light, life, and increase fill Edo State.

“Today marks a pivotal movement in our journey, a sermon to unite us in our collective efforts; the dawn of this new era has unveiled a horizon of limitless possibilities. It is both a responsibility and privilege to grasp this opportunity with unyielding determination.

“As we stand on the threshold of transformation, let us remember the dreams that ignited our hearts and inspiration that propel our endeavor; we are the architect of this emerging glory in our beloved state.

“Entrusted with the responsibility to shape its destiny, the glory of the new Edo rests not in its infrastructure alone but in the belief of its people, steadfast in their commitment to progress and unity. Let us carry the thought of innovation because it’s through innovation that we shall illuminate the path to success and prosperity.”

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