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Coming Soon: Captivating Movie ‘SEX FOR MARKS’ in Cinemas!

Producer: Eno Udo


Sex for Marks: The decadence of what students go through, particularly in higher institutions, is one that can neither be overlooked, nor overemphasized.

Allegations have emerged regarding misconduct by certain lecturers and professors towards female students. These allegations suggest that academic grades are being influenced by factors unrelated to exam performance. Instead, claims are being made that some female students’ grades are contingent on their willingness to engage in inappropriate relationships with their educators.
It is on this platform that ENO UDO has brought your way this exposing yet entertaining piece put together with the title; “SEX FOR MARKS”, to bring to your awareness, what really goes on in the higher institutions.

Sex for Marks

SEX FOR MARKS is not just a movie to entertain you, but it would also educate the viewers, particularly the young ones about to gain admission into the higher institution, on how best to handle this situation, when caught in the web.

Sex for Marks

It is brimming with captivating sequences one after another, featuring an ensemble of exceptional talented actors including: SAM DEDE, SHAFFY BELLO, ADUNNI ADE, NOBERT YOUNG, TONY AKPOSHERI, HAKEEM RAHMAN, NGOZI ORJI, as well as emerging young talents on the rise and a team of devoted crew members.

Sex for Marks

Sex for Marks

A significant development is on the horizon for the Nollywood sector. Noteworthy film producer and actor, Eno Udo, in collaboration with Jude Richard, has crafted an impactful movie titled “SEX FOR MARKS,” promising to captivate your attention until the final frame. Adding to the excitement is the involvement of renowned film director, TECO BENSON, who is leading the way.

Sex for Marks

SEX FOR MARKS will show live on all cinemas across the States. Watch out for it!

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