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Wike Challenges PDP to Suspend Him, Citing Past Electoral Successes

Asserts Indispensability, Points to Role in Nurturing Governors and Senators Under PDP Banner

Nyesom Wike, FCT Minister

The Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nyesom Wike, has openly dared the leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to suspend him from the party.


Wike, known for his influential role in shaping the party’s electoral outcomes, is emphasizing his contribution to the party’s success in securing governorship and senatorial positions.


Speaking during an appearance on the “Politics Today” show on Channels Television, Wednesday evening, Wike challenged any attempt to suspend him, citing his track record of nurturing and “producing” governors and senators under the PDP banner. He expressed confidence that his accomplishments in elevating the party’s profile would render any suspension ineffective.


Addressing the topic of potential expulsion from the PDP due to allegations of anti-party activities, Nyesom Wike boldly challenged those considering such an action, asserting, “No one holds the power to expel me.” 


The former governor of Rivers State underlined that he had yet to encounter any PDP leader possessing the requisite authority to remove him from the party. He pointed out that his efforts were directed solely towards President Bola Tinubu, rather than the All Progressives Congress.


“I am not working for APC. I am working for Tinubu who have trust in me to help him deliver the renewed hope agenda,” he said.


The former governor mentioned that he had notified the PDP leadership prior to accepting the ministerial position offered by President Bola Tinubu, a member of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).


“Who will discipline me? I should be the one calling for the discipline of these people who violated the party’s constitution, in the way that the party supported rotation.


“Who will suspend me? I want to dare anybody,” Wike said.


He stressed that he is not obligated to apologize to anyone for advocating a transfer of power to the southern region of Nigeria.


Wike said,


“We are just waiting for the presidential panel to finish, you will know who actually are those who are working well for the party.


“How can anybody talk about expelling me? A state that brought a governor? A state that brought three senators? A state that produced 32 House of Assembly members? A state that produced 11 out of 13 House of Representatives.


“The person that would suspend me is the one that couldn’t produce a governor, is the one that couldn’t produce three senators?


“I have not seen that person, with all due respect. Nobody will do it. So, the issue of they will do it does not arise.”


Wike’s declaration comes as a signal of his strong self-assuredness within the party, potentially setting the stage for discussions and deliberations within the PDP’s leadership circles. The party now faces the decision of how to respond to this open defiance from a member who has historically played a pivotal role in its electoral strategies.

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