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Palliative Distribution: Osun State Pledges Transparency, Accountability

Knocks critics who shift blame from the previous administration onto current one

Governor Adeleke of Osun State

Osun State – The Osun State government has responded to the demands of a coalition of civil society groups by unveiling the names of its Palliative Distribution Committee. The move comes as the government emphasizes its commitment to transparency, accountability, and public service.

The government has cited extensive consultations with the leadership of the civil society coalition, even those who accused the administration of exclusion.

Osun State
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Some activists, however, chose to abstain from the process, a decision that the government asserts should not be laid at its doorstep.

In a statement issued on Osun State‘s website, the government asserted that the committee encompasses a wide spectrum of societal opinions. It called on any interested groups to express their desire to participate in the committee instead of resorting to allegations of blackmail and character assassination.

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A part of the statement read:

“We are of the view that only fifth columnists and agents of the opposition will describe a performing government and popularly rated administration headed by Governor Ademola Adeleke as directionless and organised. We are also convinced that a government that is delivering on infrastructure, digital economy, health care, workers’ welfare and education reform has a better sterling records than the paymasters of some pseudo activists.”

Osun State
Governor Adeleke of Osun State

According to reports, the Osun State administration has initiated the distribution of its palliatives after the Federal Government’s distribution concluded. Notably, Osun State is grappling with significant financial challenges, encompassing a state debt of N450 billion and a monthly salary and debt pension obligation that approaches N70 billion. Despite these difficulties, the administration reportedly consistently fulfills its monthly salary commitments and provides essential public services.

The State Government noted that critics, including numerous partisan activists, acknowledge that Osun State’s financial troubles stem from past mismanagement by their political allies and criticizing the current administration, which they claim is diligently addressing the issues left behind by previous administrations, is unjust.

In response to criticisms from certain partisan groups regarding the alleged exclusion in the distribution of a mere 6,000 bags of rice, the State Government has reportedly disclosed the names of the members of the palliative committee, which are as follows:

Alhaji Mustafa Olawuyi
(Chairman Osun state Muslims community
Rev John Adeleke
(Chairman OSCAN?
Chief Mary oyebode
(Iyaloja General)
Representative of the people with special needs
Osun Chairman JNC
IPAC chairman
Rep of NUP
Representative of Student body

The authorities encouraged interested members of the public to obtain the distribution items from the State Ministry of Special Duties and Regional Integration for the Local Governments’ distribution.

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