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Driver’s Fatal Demise Amid LASTMA’s Heroic Rescue of Motor Boy in Container Mishap


Operatives of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) successfully rescued an unidentified motor assistant who was trapped beneath a fully loaded container during an accident that tragically claimed the life of the container truck driver on Friday.

Eyewitnesses report that the truck driver drove at high speed and ran into a stationary tipper on Wharf Road, opposite Area B Police Command, Apapa, Lagos.

Eyewitnesses also report that the truck was suspected to have had a brake failure, making the driver lose control and ran into the tipper.

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Confirming the incident, a LASTMA official, Egbetola Sulaiman, who led the rescue team confirmed that the accident involved a fully loaded 40ft container and a tipper truck with no registration number.

While giving a report on the incident, Director of Public Affairs and Enlightenment Department of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LATSMA), Adebayo Taofiq, affirmed that LASTMA officials rescued the motor boy.

“Our official, Mr. Egbetola Sulaiman, Zebra 36, Apapa,who led the rescue team, confirmed that the fatal accident involved a truck fully loaded with 40ft container, and a stationary tipper without a number plate.

“Egbetola, said that preliminary investigation revealed that the driver of the truck with a 40ft loaded container, while on top speed, lost control and rammed into the stationary tipper,” Taofiq affirmed.

Eyewitnesses also confirmed that the driver was not fortunate to be rescued as he was killed instantly. Taofiq also confirmed the eyewitness report saying that the boy was rescued but the driver died on the spot.

He said the motor boy has been rushed rushed to a nearby hospital at Apapa for medical treatment.

“He told us that our officials and other emergency responders were able to rescued the motor boy who was trapped under the truck, while the driver died instantly. While the body of the driver was at the custody of Area B Police Command, the rescued motor boy, was rushed to a nearby hospital for medical treatment.”

Taofiq also confirmed the intervention of other emergency responders, Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), Nigeria Police, and Nigeria Port Authority (NPA), at the accident scene. He noted that sympathisers and emergency responders from government agencies, did their best to rescue the driver but he was not as fortunate.

“Other emergency responders at the accident scene include the Federal Road Safety Corps, Nigerian Police, and Nigerian Port Authority, he added.

Contributing, the General Manager of LASTMA, Mr Bolaji Oreagba, issued a stern warning to truck drivers and advised them to keep other road users in mind, use the road responsibly and drive carefully.

Frequent reports from Lagos State highlight container accidents that frequently lead to fatalities and serious injuries. From January until now, the State has documented more than five container accidents, including three incidents in just four days in February 2023.

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In response to these concerns, citizens have protested, leading to the creation of policies aimed at preventing future incidents and regulating the operations of container trucks and their responsible companies. However, these vehicles somehow manage to return to the roads despite these efforts.

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