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Lagos Man Faces Court for Fatally Stabbing Friend Over Food Payment


Food: The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Benjamin Hindeyin, has confirmed that one Akinola Adeleye, who fatally stabbed his friend, identified as John, during a dispute over payment for a meal, is scheduled to face court proceedings this Friday, September 8, 2023.

This incident took place two weeks ago in the Ifako Ijaiye Local Government Area of Lagos, when the two friends engaged in a heated argument about covering the cost of food Akinola had consumed in an eatery.

Eyewitnesses recounts that the disagreement escalated into a violent altercation, resulting in Akinola using a knife to fatally wound John.

Local residents have revealed that John was temporarily residing in Akinola’s residence before the tragic argument that led to his demise.


A resident of the area reported that John became furious when he learnt that Akinola had bought food in his name, without informing him.

“It happened that Akinola went and ate a plate of food in their usual buka and after eating instead of paying he asked them to add his bill to the account of his friend who wasn’t there with him at that time,” a resident, identified as Ugochukwu reported.

“So, when the victim went to eat at the local restaurant, they informed him that he owed them for the food his friend ate. He was surprised and angry that his friend would ask them to bill him without even telling him about it.”

Ugochukwu further narrated that when John got to the house, he confronted Akinola about the debt. Akinola was reported to have gotten angry and told John to move out of his house, intensifying the quarrel.

“So, he quickly finished his meal and went home to confront his friend about the debt that was passed down to him. That was how they started quarrelling. As they were fighting over the matter, Akinola, out of anger asked John to pack out of his house immediately but John refused and the fight intensified.

“Before anyone knew what was happening, Akinola left the scene of the fight, rushed back with a knife and stabbed John. We had assumed the fight was over when Akinola left, only for us to see him rush at John with the knife.

“Before we could do anything, John was on the ground and blood was gushing out from his body. Everywhere became scattered in confusion.”

Ugochukuwu added that the scene was an eyesore as John passed feaces on himself before he died on the spot. He said the sad occurrence threw the community into panic and sadness.

He pointed that Akinola had tried to flee from the crime scene but was apprehended by residents of the area who subsequently contacted the police. He said the police, however, refused to attend to them, saying the area was dangerous.

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Another resident, simply identified as Dada, stated that he saw John’s lifeless body wheeled past his shop to the street’s junction shortly after the incident.

He reported that the dead body was wheeled to the junction after the policemen contacted refused to oblige.

“They called the police to come to the area but the policemen refused saying that the area was too dangerous and that they should bring the dead man and the suspect to the junction.

“They carried the body on a wheelbarrow to the junction. The boys in the area then handed the suspect to the police,” Dada reported.

The Lagos State PPRO, Benjamin Hundeyin, confirmed the incident. Hindeyin confirmed that the suspect had been taken to the State Criminal Investigations Department (SCID) and would be charged to court on Friday.

“The case is going to court,” Hundeyin confirmed.

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