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Nigeria plans digital government services


Nigeria’s Minister of Communications, Innovation, and Digital Economy, Dr. Bosun Tijani, has announced plans to enhance digital government services for Nigerians.

Tijani, currently in New Delhi, India, as part of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s delegation to the G20 Leaders’ Summit, shared this on X, formerly Twitter.

Bosun Tijani with Sandeep Aurora

The Minister disclosed that an agreement would be signed with eGov Foundation, a non-profit tech organization renowned for aiding India in developing scalable digital services.

He stated;

“Our plans to deliver more robust digitalised government services was enriched by our engagement yesterday with the @eGovFoundation .  We will be signing an MoU with them to leverage their experience helping the Indian government build scalable digital services. I also look forward to hosting them at a workshop in Abuja on designing Digital Public Infrastructure for government services.”

Tijani emphasized the administration’s commitment to fostering stronger partnerships between Nigeria and India to stimulate investment and support the startup ecosystem. He made these remarks during a forum organized by Fola Aina of Ventures Park, an organization promoting entrepreneurship and innovation in Africa.

Digital Digital

The Minister of Communications, Innovation, and Digital Economy is leveraging his visit to India to engage with key stakeholders in the tech industry, aiming to enhance Nigeria’s technological landscape.

He also mentioned meeting with India’s Director for Government Affairs and Public Policy, Sandeep Aurora, to exchange ideas about the AI agenda.

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Tijani expressed;

“While we were unable to to visit the @Microsoft AI Centre in India yesterday, due to the restrictions on movement around the G20 event, I am grateful to their Director for Govt. Affairs and Public Policy, @sandeepaurora, who came through to see us at the hotel. Our chat about their work in support of India’s AI agenda was inspiring and we are excited about the commitment of their global AI team to support us as we co-create our own National AI Strategy.”

President Tinubu and his delegation are in India for an essential six-day official visit, which includes participation in the prestigious G20 Leaders’ Summit and a series of high-level engagements.

Dr. Bosun Tijani, co-founder and CEO of Nigeria’s largest tech hub, Co-Creation Hub, was appointed to oversee the Communications, Innovation, and Digital Economy sector by President Bola Tinubu. Notably, he facilitated the historic visit of Meta CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, to Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa in August 2016.


Nigerians recognize the significance of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) as a vital driver of economic growth and development, and they are eager to expand their capacity to unlock the immense potential of the country’s ICT sector.

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