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Service of Songs Begins for Pastor Taiwo Odukoya


The Fountain of Life Church in Ilupeju, Lagos, has begun a memorial service in honor of its late founder, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya.

During the service, Pastor Odukoya’s children and grandchildren were observed wearing white attire, while the attendees adhered to a dress code of blue and white, uniting in song and worship.

Men and women shared their heartfelt testimonials, expressing gratitude for the positive influence Pastor Odukoya had on their lives. An especially remarkable and poignant moment during the service involved the heartfelt testimonies given by the Oshodi boys. He shared how Pastor Odukoya had rescued him from life on the streets and guided him toward a transformative new life.

“20 years ago, Pastor sent the Mission department to pick me up from the Oshodi under bridge. They gave me a good life and today I am a departmental regional manager of foodco Nigeria Limited.” 

Another individual, Lawal Samuel, shared his testimony about how the church rescued him from Oshodi and provided him with a better life.

Following these moving testimonies, a brief video documentary of Pastor Odukoya’s biography was screened. Born into a devout family in Kaduna, his journey into ministry and dedication to assisting the less fortunate were truly inspiring.

Prior to this, a tribute service had been conducted in honor of the late Pastor Daniel Taiwo Odukoya. Online images showed guests actively participating in the tribute register.

Sadly, Pastor Daniel Taiwo Odukoya passed away in the United States on August 7, 2023, at the age of 67.

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