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Ugandan Group Shatters Longest Applause Record with Over Three Hours of Continuous Clapping


The Guinness World Records on Wednesday, officially confirmed that a Ugandan group has set a new record for the longest applause, achieving over three hours of uninterrupted clapping.

The group, Phaneroo Ministries, a well-known Ugandan Christian organization under the leadership of Grace Lubega Matovu, recently celebrated its ninth anniversary by orchestrating a gathering of hundreds of members to establish a new world record for the longest applause.

A total of 926 individuals congregated at the UMA Multipurpose Hall in Kampala, Uganda’s capital, for an event named “Clap for Jesus.”

Phaneroo Ministries is renowned for its vibrant and spirited gatherings, and this record-breaking attempt was no exception.

The participants clapped continuously for a remarkable duration of 3 hours and 16 minutes while maintaining an average sound level of 88.5 dB. This endurance was necessary to validate their achievement, requiring them to stay above 80 dB throughout.

The 2019 record, which stood at 2 hours and 5 minutes and was set by Clark Stevens and The Festival of Awesomeness (UK), was exceeded.

Every participant was obliged to sustain continuous clapping, with any pause leading to their removal from the group, overseen by a steward.

Despite the absence of restroom breaks, individuals feeling thirsty were aided by stewards who provided water bottles for sipping while they continued clapping.

The historic event was live-streamed and attracted viewers from all corners of Uganda, who enthusiastically clapped along to express their support.

According to Grace Lubega

“In a time where many are struggling as a result of various life events, I wanted to bring people to a place of thanksgiving and celebration.

“We sought to send a message to the world that regardless of the struggles and difficulties, we must have room for gratitude and thanksgiving.

“Our primary gratitude is to our Lord and Saviour Jesus in whom we believe.”

In a historical context, the record for the longest applause was initially established back in 1991. This remarkable feat occurred after Spanish opera maestro Plácido Domingo’s astonishing performance as Otello at the Vienna Staatsoper on July 30, 1991. The audience’s appreciation continued for an astounding 1 hour and 20 minutes, marked by an incredible 101 curtain calls.

However, this record faced a challenge in 2002 when German band Grabowsky took the stage. Following their performance, they received an applause lasting a staggering 1 hour and 30 minutes. What made this achievement even more remarkable was that the band graciously returned for an encore, performing two additional songs after the extended applause finally subsided.

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