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Influencers and Marriage: Comedian Nedu Gets Real on ‘The Honest Bunch’ Podcast


Nigerian comedian Nedu Wazobia has explored the subject of Nigerian influencers and their chances of entering into matrimony.

Nedu, famed for his humorous and often controversial remarks, expressed skepticism regarding the marital futures of many influencers, primarily due to societal perceptions.

Drawing from his personal experiences working with influencers, Nedu shed light on his perspective. He provided insights into how men think, particularly in the context of relationships.

Nedu Wazobia, Comedian

According to him, a significant number of men are apprehensive about committing to influencers who frequently share images and videos showcasing their bodies. Nedu went further to explain that these intimate discussions among men contribute to the hesitance to consider marriage with such influencers, primarily based on their public image.

Despite his reservations, he expressed hope that influencers would find happiness in marriage not, without acknowledging the challenges that many of them might face due to the often promiscuous lifestyles associated with their public personas.

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This is not the first time Nedu has offered candid opinions on matters of relationships and dating. In a previous discussion back in May, 2023, he delved into the difficulties of finding genuine love in Lagos, highlighting how the pursuit of wealth often overshadows authentic affection, particularly in the bustling city of Lagos, compared to other regions of Nigeria.

Nedu has also shared his unique perspective on the role of “side chicks” in relationships.

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During a discussion with BBNaija’s Ike and other personalities, he humorously offered a light-hearted take on side chicks, acknowledging them as a source of peace for married men who keep them around.

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