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Tragic Boat Mishap Claims 11 Lives in Adamawa State, Marking Third Incident in Eight Days


In a tragic development, Adamawa State has been struck by yet another boat accident, claiming the lives of 11 individuals. This grim incident stands as the third deadly boat accident to occur within a mere eight days, a significant departure from the region’s typically infrequent encounters with such calamities.

The passenger boat tragically sank in Gurin, a district situated within Fufore Local Government Area of the state. This unfortunate incident occurred shortly after a boat accident claimed the lives of eight individuals in Rugange, Yola South Local Government Area, on Saturday.

According to reports, the ill-fated wooden boat capsized while carrying predominantly women and children who were returning from their farming activities and attending a naming ceremony.

Additionally, local authorities recalled a separate boat accident that transpired just last Monday in Mayo Belwa Local Government Area, where two lives were tragically lost.

Abdullahi Jangai, the Information Officer of Fufore Local Government Area, reported that skilled divers have successfully recovered a total of 11 bodies from the water thus far. However, the Executive Secretary of Adamawa State Emergency Management Agency (ADSEMA), Dr. Mohamed Suleiman, cautioned that it remains too early in the ongoing rescue efforts to ascertain precise casualty figures.

In a statement to the press, Mahmud, a local diver deeply engaged in the rescue mission, expressed his belief that the recent tragedy could potentially have been averted if passengers had followed safety guidelines, including the proper use of life jackets and other vital precautions.

Highlighting the imperative of averting similar occurrences, he emphasized the necessity for both the government and relevant authorities to prioritize regular maintenance of waterways and guarantee the ready availability of essential safety equipment, notably life jackets.

The recent series of boat accidents occurring in quick succession has enveloped Adamawa State in a profound sense of sorrow, compelling authorities to heighten safety measures and launch thorough investigations to avert future tragedies of this nature.

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