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Skit Maker Lizzy Jay Laments Blackmail With Nudes

Lizzy Jay

Popular actress and skit maker, Lizzy Jay, recently took to her Instagram page to expose an attempted blackmail that she has been enduring involving her personal videos.

In a candid video post, she revealed that for several days, an unidentified individual has been relentlessly trying to exploit her vulnerability by threatening to release intimate videos of her.

Lizzy Jay, known for her popular “Omo Ibadan” skits, expressed her resolve not to succumb to the threats, emphasizing that she will not be manipulated into any negotiation.
The story behind these explicit videos, she explained, traces back to a period when she was severely ill and prescribed antibiotics that caused adverse reactions in her body.

The side effects led to severe skin irritations, rashes in her private areas, and vaginal bleeding. Desperate for medical advice and assistance, she sent pictures and videos of her condition to her doctor, who also happens to be a close friend. Following his guidance, she began taking prescribed medications.

However, this situation took a distressing turn when Lizzy Jay received communication from an anonymous individual who claimed to possess these private videos.
The actress believes that her blackmailer gained access to the compromising footage by hacking into her email account, which in turn granted access to her Snapchat, where the video had been recorded.

Lizzy Jay
Lizzy Jay, Skit maker

In her own words, she said, “I have been receiving calls for some days now from someone who claims he has my nudes. The video in his hands was the video I recorded through Snapchat when I had a reaction to a certain medication and I had rashes all over my body including my private part.

“I couldn’t have a physical examination with my doctor, so I made a screenshot of the part I wanted him to see in the video. I sent it and deleted the video immediately. The man trying to blackmail me hacked into one of my email accounts and used it to gain access to my Snapchat.

“I will be visiting the police PRO to make a formal complaint and give them every detail and picture I was able to find connecting to the blackmailer.”

Lizzy Jay posted further on her caption, expressing her frustration,

“For the past few days, I have received calls and messages from someone who claims to have my nudes. The calls and comments on my page are aimed at forcing me to a negotiation table to become a victim of blackmail.”

This incident echoes a growing concern in the entertainment industry, as it follows similar reports of blackmail involving personal videos and private content.

Skitmaker and content creator, Carter Efe, also recently cried out over threats of a private tape being released to the public.

Most recently, a sex tape of popular Nollywood actress, Moyo Lawal, surfaced online, sparking questions and discussions about the trend of sex tapes particularly among entertainment celebrities.

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