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Toyin Abraham Celebrates Step-Daughter’s Birthday with Heartfelt Prayers


Star actress, Toyin Abraham Ajeyemi, celebrated a special milestone in her family as her step-daughter, Temitope Ajeyemi, marked her birthday.

This heartfelt celebration comes just days after Toyin Abraham celebrated her 43rd birthday, showcasing the bond within the family.

Toyin Abraham, a mother of one, took to social media to express her deep appreciation and love for her teenage step-daughter, Temitope.

Toyin Abraham

In a touching message, she not only celebrated her daughter’s birthday but also acknowledged the significant contributions she makes to their family.

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The actress showered her step-daughter with prayers, invoking blessings for her long and prosperous life. Toyin Abraham’s message included a heartfelt declaration of her love for Temitope.

She wrote, “Happy birthday to my darling daughter @temitopeajeyemi, thanks for all you do for the family. May you continue to experience God’s grace, and may you never meet an untimely death. I love you so much, Temi.”

Toyin Abraham’s post received an outpouring of warm wishes and prayers from her followers and fans. The birthday celebrant, Temitope Ajeyemi, also shared her own joy on her Instagram page, expressing her gratitude to God for another year of life.

Meanwhile, in another touching instance, Toyin Abraham was taken aback when she encountered a former classmate of hers at an undisclosed film shoot location.

In the video, the actress was observed sitting in proximity to the woman asserting to be her former schoolmate.

The woman mentioned the school’s name, prompting Toyin Abraham to disclose that she attended the same school when she was young.

Toyin Abraham: “I went there when I was small.”

The lady: “I went there too.”

Toyin Abraham: “So how did you recognize me?”

Lady: “I recognize you, na.”

The exchange of words between the Nigerian actress and her longtime classmate has drawn the interest of viewers, leading them to flood the comment section with their opinions.

Toyin Abraham is presently promoting her upcoming film titled “Malaika,” although the exact release date remains unconfirmed.

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