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Chef exposes Toyin Abraham for unpaid 2021 food bill


A chef, Tinu Grills has taken to her social media to voice her frustration over actress Toyin Abraham‘s refusal to pay for a meal she ordered while in Ilorin for her popular movie “The Ghost and the Tout” meet and greet event.

The incident unfolded during Toyin Abraham’s visit to Ilorin, where she hosted a meet and greet event for her blockbuster movie. @tinugrills had the privilege of catering for the event. However, things took an unexpected turn when Toyin Abraham allegedly failed to settle the bill for the sumptuous meal she and her team enjoyed.

@tinugrills, didn’t mince her words in expressing her dissatisfaction with the situation. She took to her preferred platform, the X app, to share her frustration with her fans and followers, shedding light on the unpaid bill.

This incident comes just five days after Toyin Abraham’s public expression of condolences following the tragic passing of musician, Mohbad. The actress used her influence and platform on the X app to call for justice and the commencement of the healing process in the wake of Mohbad’s untimely demise.


The Chef quoted the post saying “Toyin alabosian, you better pay my money”

The actress appeared to be displeased by this declaration and promptly blocked @tinugrills on the platform. This action further infuriated the chef, who vowed to present supporting evidence the following morning.

In the early hours of today, the chef used her social media account to recount the incident. She provided details of the situation, revealing that on October 8th, 2021, Toyin Abraham had placed an order for a substantial meal for herself and her team. This meal included 2 liters of Jollof rice, 2 liters of fried rice with turkey wings, and various other items, which amounted to approximately 40,000 Naira. However, she admitted that the exact amount had become a bit hazy over time.

According to the chef’s account, Toyin Abraham had savored the meal, expressing satisfaction, and reassuring the chef that her manager would contact her to settle the bill.

The chef further alleges that Toyin Abraham and her management did eventually contact her after she made the initial post. In this communication, Toyin stated that she couldn’t recall such an incident, and she used derogatory language, referring to the chef as a “witch” and requesting the post’s deletion. The chef, steadfast in her stance, refused to remove the post until she received payment for the outstanding bill.

Taking swift action after realizing that the disgruntled chef wouldn’t yield to pressure, Toyin Abraham promptly transferred 40,000 Naira to settle the unpaid bill. The chef acknowledged the payment, and as a result, she has deleted her post in which she called out the actress.

The actress’s decision has garnered both criticism for her and praise for the courageous chef. Many internet users observed that Toyin Abraham might not have made the payment if she hadn’t been publicly confronted.





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