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Pineapple Crown Natural Anodyne

BY - Dr Anastasia Ndidiamaka Akpebe


Pineapple Crown or leaves can do wonders to our health.  This is because Pineapple Leaves contains some of these active compounds:

Calcium oxalate Bromelin enzyme

Pectic substances, Fiber, Cellulose and Pentose.

Pineapple crown : is an amazingly  anti-inflammatory, resolves waist pain, heals ulcer and cough and general body pain. The beautiful part is that It nourishes the whole body.

Pineapple Crown
Do you or someone you know suffer from Nose bleeding due to fatigue or stress, pineapple leaves to the rescue.

Pineapple leaves can also take care of weaknesses by providing energy and increasing blood circulation. It’s also an immune booster. Thus they help our body fight against disease causing micro-organisms like viruses, fungi, bacteria etcetera.

Pineapple crown, is rich in fiber, this means that it can improve blood sugar, insulin, and lipid levels.

Boil Pineapple crown or leaves, take it as tea to get some or all of the benefits mentioned above. Now you know that you do not have to throw away that elegant pineapple crown the next time you enjoy the fruit!

Above is for Educational Purposes only. Consult your healthcare provider for full and proper diagnosis if you feel unwell.

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Pineapple Crown
Dr. Anastasia Akpebe

Dr Anastasia Ndidiamaka Akpebe is a Naturopath, Herbal Physician and the Founder of Anmak Natural Medicine Academy.

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