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Election Tribunals Validate Primate Ayodele’s Prophecies


Primate Ayodele, a prominent figure in the prophetic realm, is gaining recognition for the astonishing accuracy of his predictions. Despite initial skepticism, many are now acknowledging the authenticity of his forecasts, and his recent pronouncements surrounding the presidential election have left the public in awe.

Long-held doubts about Primate Ayodele’s prophecies were put to rest during the last presidential election, as his predictions about the outcome proved to be uncannily accurate. His warnings to opposition parties regarding President Tinubu’s formidable electoral prowess were heeded, and the subsequent election results mirrored his prophetic insights.

Primate Ayodele

Primate Ayodele went the extra mile by foretelling the electoral outcomes in various states, and to the amazement of many, these predictions came to pass. The prophet’s foresight has prompted questions about the fate of those who emerged victorious in the election. He cryptically suggested that not all elected officials would complete their tenures, leaving the public intrigued and curious about what lies ahead.

These were his words

‘’I have warned all Nigerian state governors that not all of them will finish in this government. Some will be incapacitated. I am telling you how it is that, not all the governors will end their term, not all the speakers of the house will end their term, not all the senators that were sworn in will end their term, not all the house of reps will end their terms, I am not wishing anybody bad but it is just a warning.’’

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A lawmaker from Taraba State, recently elected, passed away just weeks after the election, aligning with Primate Ayodele’s earlier prophecy that not all elected officials would complete their tenures.

The demise of the lawmaker served as a stark reminder of Primate Ayodele’s prophetic credibility, leaving many to ponder the mystique surrounding his predictions. As the nation grappled with this loss, Primate Ayodele’s reputation as a prophetic figure gained further prominence.

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Primate Ayodele’s predictions extended to election tribunals, where he made bold declarations about the outcomes of various cases. His assertion that the opposition would struggle to secure favorable judgments, especially in the case of Peter Obi’s presidential aspirations, initially sparked controversy among political analysts and opposition followers. However, as the tribunals rendered their verdicts, Primate Ayodele’s foresight was vindicated, leaving even skeptics in awe.

Turning the spotlight to lawmakers’ elections, Primate Ayodele’s initial prophecy about the tenure of elected politicians seemed eerily prescient. Since the commencement of election tribunal proceedings, numerous lawmakers have faced removal from office, with several elections being nullified and reruns ordered. As of the latest reports, more than 15 elected political officers across the nation have been removed from their positions, and the number continues to rise.

The governorship election tribunals are yet to begin delivering judgments, but with the track record of Primate Ayodele’s accurate predictions, there is a growing sense of anticipation that some governors may also face removal from office.

With increasing confidence in Primate Ayodele’s prophetic gifts, the entire nation anxiously anticipates the upcoming developments, pondering if his forecasts will maintain their remarkable accuracy and what destiny has in store for the political leaders. The nation remains in rapt attention as the prophet’s predictions gradually come to fruition, provoking contemplation among both believers and skeptics about the enigmatic realm of prophecy.

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