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Nigeria Faces Blackout as National Grid Collapses Again 


Nigeria has been thrust into darkness once more, as the national grid suffered a catastrophic collapse, resulting in a drastic drop in power output.

Tuesday’s reports indicated a dire situation, with the power output plummeting from a peak of 3,594.60 megawatts (MW) at midnight to an alarming 42.7MW, marking an all-time low for the nation’s electricity supply.

Nationwide Blackout Strikes Nigeria as Electricity Grid Collapses 

As of mid-day on Tuesday, the nation’s power supply relies heavily on the Delta Power plant, which managed to generate a meager 41.00MW. In comparison, the Afam power plant contributed only a minuscule 1.7MW, further exacerbating the crisis.

This unfortunate occurrence follows closely on the heels of two recent grid collapses within just over a 12-hour period, leaving millions of Nigerians in complete darkness. The recurring grid failures have severely impacted businesses, households, and essential services that rely on consistent power supply.

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