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‘Obaseki is a Disappointment’ — LP Guber Aspirant

By - Lolade Olu-Ojegbeje


The Labour Party (LP) 2024 Edo State gubernitorial aspirant, Dennis Aikoriogie, has said the Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki, is a disappointment.

Aikoriogie made this comment during an exclusive interview with Top Society on Monday.

While reflecting on the state of affairs in Edo State, the gubernatorial aspirant stated that Obaseki had failed the people of the state. He also accused the governor of performing below expectations.

“We supported Obaseki but so far, he has been a disappointment. What we envisioned for. Obaseki far from what we see now. The roads are bad. The institutions are lacking,” he stated.

Aikoriogie further said that Obaseki ignored important sectors in the state.

“His government has fallen short of expectations, especially in education. Many schools have dilapidated structures. Even the state’s civic centre cannot be credited to him. The past governor, Oshiomole did the work. 

“The only thing he has tried to do is the introduction of Edo best, where they give laptops and tablets to students. But that is just within Benin City. What about students in rural areas? 

“In Edo State, I know of a school that had only two teachers. Eventually, one of them was transferred to Benin and the school was left with just one teacher. Imagine a school with only one teacher. The teacher would teach all the classes. Just imagine that.”

He went on to express grievances over the state of different sectors in the state. He claimed the governor had not done enough to improve the sectors.

Godwin Obaseki, Governor of Edo State
Dennis Aikeriogie, LP gubernatorial candidate

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“The Health sector is also lacking. Now that he is about to leave office, he is trying to building a structure inside the Stella Obasanjo Women and Children Hospital,” he said.

“The only thing Obaseki got right is the payment of salaries. But we know that governance is more than paying salaries. He also rebranded the state’s secretariat complex but other than that, I have not seen any tangible thing he did.”

Speaking on the state’s security, Aikoriogie said the system was poor.

“Edo State is very insecure. There is a particular road in the state where you can be kidnapped at any time. People cannot use the road in the early hours of the morning or late into the night. You have to go out when other people are already outside. You can be easily abducted. If you want to use the road, you either use it during the day time, or be heavily guarded by security men. The last time I used the road, I had to go with a lot of security guards,” he said.

Aikoriogie explained that he had supported Obaseki in the past but later withdrew his support from him and the PDP.

“I belonged to various support groups, including the support group for Obaseki’s second term in office but so far, he has been a disappointment.”

He further explained that he joined the Labour Party because the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and the All Progressives Congress (APC) had destroyed the country.

“This is why myself and some others decided to identify with LP because PDP and APC disappointed us. When Obi left the PDP, we decided to leave with him and joined the LP. You cannot accuse LP of destroying Nigeria today,” he said.

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