‘Abure Remains Legitimate Chairman, Apapa is a sponsored Distraction’-LP Guber Aspirant - The Top Society

‘Abure Remains Legitimate Chairman, Apapa is a sponsored Distraction’-LP Guber Aspirant

...Speaks on Party Crisis


The Labour Party (LP) 2024 Edo State Gubernatorial aspirant, Dennis Aikoriogie, has affirmed that the national chairman of the Labour Party, Julius Abure, remains the party’s legitimate chairman.

Aikoriogie disclosed this while commenting on the internal leadership crisis rocking the Party during an interview with Top Socety on Monday.

Speaking on the party structure, Aikoriogie noted that Julius Abure is the party’s recognized leader and the party’s 2023 presidential candidate, Peter Obi, also identifies with the Julius Abure leadership. He also alleged that the factional leader of the party, Lamidi Apapa, was being sponsored to cause distractions within the party.


“There are bound to be disagreement in every organization. As of now, the Julius Abure faction is known as the authentic chairman of the Labour Party. It is what Peter Obi followed. Apapa is being sponsored by the opponents to distabilise the party. I belong to the Abure faction which is the authentic labour party structure until the court rules otherwise. They are in court now. I want to identify with the party leadership known nationally as the authentic faction, which is the Abure faction,” he said.

Aikoriogie further stated that the factional parties were in court and the party would decide on the next line of action when the court rules on the case.

“They are in court, and we can’t say exactly what will be the outcome of the case. Let’s see what the court decides for our next line of action. For now, I am focused on my campaigns.”

He also stated that the same issue was being replicated in Edo State. According to him, a leadership parallel also exists within the party in Edo State.

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“They are trying to create a parallel across all states, not just at the national level. They want to create a parallel executive within the state.  In the state, I am identifying with the authentic faction also. The Ogbaloi faction is the chairman which is the authentic chairman of Edo state I have met with them and identified myself with them. Like I said, till the court rules otherwise, I will stay with What Nigerians know as the authentic leadership within the party.”

He maintained that Apapa was not recognized by the party and that Abure remained the recognized leader, until the court proved otherwise.

“We don’t recognize the Lamidi Apapa faction until the court says otherwise. The people known legally as the leadership of the party is the Julius Abure faction and the Ogbaloi faction within the state. So, any other factions are interrupters trying to be what they are not. They are in court, and we will wait for what the court decides.”

He also revealed that the party’s National Youth Leader, Eragbe Anslem, was suspended as a result of the crisis rocking the party.

“Eragbe Anslem is my friend and the party’s youth leaser. I don’t know why he was suspended. I think he had a disagreement with Julius Abure which led to his suspension. And created a faction that aligned with Apapa. That is their politics.”

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