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Ondo Impeachment Crisis: Group Issues Warning, Calls for Ceasefire Against Aiyedatiwa


In response to the news of potential impeachment proceedings against Ondo State’s Deputy Governor, Lucky Aiyedatiwa, the Ondo Redemption Front (ORF), a coalition of committed citizens advocating for democracy and the rule of law, has strongly cautioned the Ondo State House of Assembly. The ORF has further demanded an immediate cessation of the ongoing assaults on Deputy Governor Aiyedatiwa, which are purportedly instigated by Governor Rotimi Akeredolu’s aides.

In a statement titled “Impeachment: Ondo Redemption Front (ORF) Warns Against Deputy Governor’s Impeachment and Calls for an End to Attacks,” signed by ORF Co-Chair Mogbojuri Kayode Esq and ORF General Secretary Olufemi Lawson, the group has expressed its concerns.


According to the ORF, Deputy Governor Aiyedatiwa has been enduring unwarranted and continuous attacks in both the media and the political sphere over recent weeks. These attacks are purportedly instigated by Governor Akeredolu’s associates. The group has further emphasized that the announcement of impeachment proceedings by the Ondo State House of Assembly has raised serious apprehensions regarding the state’s stability and the preservation of its democratic integrity.

In its statement, the ORF has highlighted key points regarding the process:

“We remind the Ondo State House of Assembly of the importance of upholding democratic principles and respecting constitutional processes. Impeachment is a grave matter that should be based on clear evidence of wrongdoing and not exploited as a political tool, as is presently being attempted by the House.

“We believe that if there are genuine political differences, which should not interfere with the governance of Ondo State, all parties involved should engage in constructive dialogue and seek peaceful resolutions to their disputes. Ondo State deserves political leaders who prioritize the welfare and development of the state over personal vendettas.

“It is imperative that all actions taken by the House of Assembly and the government adhere to the rule of law. Any attempt to circumvent due process or infringe on the rights of the Deputy Governor will be met with resistance from the people of Ondo State. We remind the House of Assembly and those behind this desperate plot that Deputy Governor Aiyedatiwa is neither an appointee of Governor Akeredolu nor the House Assembly, he was democratically elected on a joint ticket with Governor Akeredolu and must be treated as an elected leader in the state.

“We call on President Bola Tinubu, the leadership of the All Progressives Congress (APC), and the National Assembly to closely monitor the situation in Ondo State and ensure that democratic institutions are shielded from abuse and manipulation, as witnessed in our state.

“We vehemently condemn any form of verbal attacks on Deputy Governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa by Governor Rotimi Akeredolu’s aides and operatives. Such behaviour not only befits public officials but also undermines the principles of respect and civility in our political space.”

The ORF has also declared its preparedness to rally the residents of Ondo State in opposition to what it characterizes as the “emergence of anti-democratic forces” within the state.

The organization has expressed optimism that “Ondo State can emerge from this challenging period stronger and more united in its commitment to democracy and development.”

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