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Bandits Kidnap Gusau Students in Zamfara


Kidnap: In a harrowing incident that unfolded in the early hours of Friday, bandits launched a brazen attack on the Federal University Gusau in Zamfara State, Nigeria, resulting in the abduction of a significant number of students.

According to eyewitness reports, the assailants, numbering in large groups, descended upon the off-campus residences of the students, primarily targeting female students.

Abubakar Sani, a resident of Sabon Gida village, where the university is located, recounted the terrifying events. He revealed that the bandits initiated their attack at approximately 4:00 a.m., catching the students unaware.


Sani detailed that the bandits systematically targeted three student hostels, instilling fear and chaos among the students.

He said,

“Many of the kidnapped students were females, while other students were able to escape to the bush”.

According to Sani, the bandits exclusively targeted the university students for abduction and did not seize any residents from the village.

He said,

“When they arrived the village, they went straight to the students [off campuses] and started shooting sporadically”.

“They later broke into the campuses and brought a number of students who are mostly females”.

The exact number of students abducted is yet to be confirmed, but it is believed to be a significant and distressing figure.

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