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Impeachment: 22 Ondo Assembly Members Back Proceedings Against Aiyedatiwa 


The Ondo State House of Assembly has officially announced that it is in the process of investigating allegations made against Deputy Governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa. The assembly made it clear that the allegation letter served on Aiyedatiwa should not be equated with an impeachment verdict.

Ondo Lawmakers Commence Impeachment Proceedings Against Deputy Governor Aiyedatiwa 

According to report, a substantial majority of 22 out of 26 members of the assembly have expressed their support for the impeachment of Deputy Governor Aiyedatiwa. This signifies a significant political challenge for the deputy governor, who is now facing the possibility of impeachment.

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In response to the allegations, the lawmakers have emphasized that Deputy Governor Aiyedatiwa has the right to defend himself during the investigation process.

Chairman of the House Committee on Information, Olatunji Oshati, issued a statement on Thursday clarifying that the allegation letter served to the deputy governor marked the initiation of the impeachment proceedings. He emphasized that this process is firmly rooted in due process and is not a hastily-conducted impeachment.

“We are conscious of the integrity of our current assembly and will not falter in our constitutional responsibilities to our constituents.

“We wish to declare, unequivocally, that the entire process remains within the realm of allegations. We are committed to examining these allegations objectively. Our primary responsibility is to uphold the integrity,” he said

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