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Tips to Consider Before Entering the Dating Pool

By - Ololade Olu-Ojegbeje


The dating world is often compared to a vast pool, where one anticipates encountering a diverse array of individuals. While the meaning of dating can differ among individuals, a generally accepted definition is that dating is a social interaction in which two people, often motivated by romantic interest, spend time together to become better acquainted. This can encompass a range of activities, such as outings, dinners, or engaging in shared experiences aimed at fostering a connection and gauging compatibility for a potential romantic relationship. Dating objectives can greatly vary, spanning from casual and commitment-free to more serious, with a focus on finding a long-term partner. The concept of dating has evolved over time and exhibits cultural variations.

In contemporary societies, dating commonly refers to a romantic relationship between two individuals. In more conservative regions, people engage in a form of dating known as ‘courting,’ which is specifically geared towards assessing compatibility for marriage.

During the dating phase, individuals spend time together to gain insight into each other’s lives. At this phase, they discuss interests, hobbies, and family backgrounds. The primary goal of dating is to develop a deeper understanding of the other person and assess the potential for a relationship.


Before entering the dating pool, here are some tips to consider:

Self-Reflection: Take time to understand your own wants, needs, and values in a relationship. What are your long-term goals and deal-breakers?

Healing from Past Relationships: Ensure you’ve emotionally processed previous relationships and are ready to move forward without carrying emotional baggage.

Communication Skills: Work on your communication skills to express your thoughts and feelings effectively while also being a good listener.

Set Realistic Expectations: Don’t expect perfection. Understand that no one is flawless, and relationships require effort and compromise.

Safety First: Be cautious when sharing personal information with strangers online. Prioritize your safety when meeting someone new.

Define Boundaries: Establish boundaries early on and communicate them with your potential partner to ensure mutual respect.

Socializing: Engage in activities and hobbies you enjoy to meet like-minded people naturally.

Online Dating: If using dating apps, be honest in your profile, and use clear and recent photos. Take your time getting to know someone before meeting in person.

Take It Slow: Don’t rush into a relationship. Take your time getting to know someone before committing.

Self-Care: Continue to prioritize self-care, maintain your own interests, and don’t lose sight of your own well-being while dating.

Once you’ve completed this initial step, you can progress by selecting a compatible partner. To gain a more profound insight into your prospective partner, Top Society has compiled these guidelines for partner selection:

Date a partner who loves you

Sometimes, people fall in love with the idea of their partners, not them. It is possible that a person may be drawn to what a stable romantic relationship provides or a certain picture of what an ideal partner looks like and not necessarily love the person they are with. For such people, it is easy to jet out of the relationship if there is a slight inconvenience.

•  Date someone who supports your dreams.

Supporting each other’s dreams is a big deal which many dating couples often neglect. Sadly, many get married and realise that their partners think they are too ambitious. But the signs were always there. When someone supports your dreams, they see your vision with you and help you work towards it. They do not try to stifle your growth and are not insecure about your progress or their progress.

• Date a partner who supports your finances.

Today, money is a huge deal breaker in relationships. Couples must discuss issues relating to finance and decide early who settles what bill. The patriarchal nature of the society puts men at a position where they primarily became ‘the provider’ not ‘a provider’. This also stems from enforcing gender roles where a man solely provides for the home and the woman looks after the home and the children. However, younger persons are challenging these norms in their quest for equality at home and in the workplace.  Dating couples should decide what works for them.

• Date someone who makes you better.

Among all other things, having a romantic partner can mean a whole new track for you, especially if you except the relationship to graduate into a life-long affair. Your partner then becomes a significant part of you life and many times, you will have to makes choosing which will require considering their well-being. So, it is important to date someone who makes you better and what you to be the best of yourself.

• Date someone who gives

Man or woman, a stingy person is an awful person.  If they cannot part with their resources for you or for others, it is most likely a telling sign that they would not make a good partner.

• Date a kind person.

In romantic and platonic relationships, kindness cannot be overemphasized. Your partner is expected to look out for you always. You must also return the kindness. Insensitivity is also a major deal breaker in a relationship. A person who is insensitive to your feelings and that of others will never be able to love you properly.

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In the end, relationships vary. There is no rule of thumb for dating because people desire different things. Ultimately, the individuals involved determine the type of relationship they desire, as everyone has distinct dating preferences and expectations. Remember to find what works for you. Dating should be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. Be patient, and don’t settle for less than you deserve.

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