November 25, 2022

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Antonio Cassano: Sex before match my biggest motivation

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Most football manager will tell you that sex before match could affect the result of the match as the player or players are likely to be weak after burning energies under the sheets.

This has remained debatable perhaps because of a few who may be abnormal to the rules.

Former Inter Milan ace Antonio Cassano was perhaps an exception to the rules. Although he played for eight different clubs including Real Madrid and Roma, he retired at 35 but not without leaving a record not only on the pitch but also off the pitch.

Rising through the ranks at Bari before a big-money move to Italian champions Roma, aged just 19. He swiftly gained a reputation of enjoying a playboy lifestyle with his promiscuous nature and womanising well-documented and regularly boasted about. Before 25 he had already slept with 700 women.

This was a player who knew what suffering felt like and he would go on to savour every moment of his fame and fortune.

Cassano says he’d slept with somewhere between 600 and 700 women – including around 20 celebrities – by the time he was 25, adding that he often “played a great match after having sex”.

During his time in Madrid, he earned the nickname ‘El Gordito’ – the fat one – for his growing gut; a result of poor eating habits, a lack of self-discipline and his love of partying.

He sparked outrage in a press conference by stating that he hoped there were no homosexuals in the Italian squad, as he would refuse to play alongside one.

Despite this, he helped the Azzurri to that year’s final. But controversy was never far away – in April 2013 he was involved in a locker room brawl with his then coach at Inter, Andrea Stramaccioni, after a heated discussion spilled over.

He managed to hit double figures in a single campaign just once across his final seven seasons as a professional, with a bizarre series of retirement announcements in 2017.

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