November 24, 2022

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Don Sylvester Records’ CAFTEN Hit ‘Wire Wire’ Dominating Airwaves

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Born Neankwo Onyebuchi Collins but popularly known as Caften in the presently oozing Nigerian music industry, this lyrical wizard is one of Nigeria’s current raves of the moment and a young chap whose musical dexterity is second to none. Caften is extremely and tremendously talented as an artiste as he has been able to prove his mettle over the years. He is a gifted musical crooner presently horning his skills under Don Sylvester Records. In the Eastern part of Nigeria, Caften’s songs are predominantly ruling the airwaves. In all radio stations in the zone, all the DJs love hyping his music because they know vividly that his songs are filled with melodious lyrics, danceable vibes and reasonable messages that would instantly create a solid impact in the hearts of young music enthusiasts and listeners. In the course of his career, Caften has built such a magnificent image for himself to an extent that in every nooks and crannies when visit in the South East, his songs are churned out, loudly to the delight of listeners. The Amuda, Ezza North Local Government Area of Ebonyi State indigene has been in the Nigerian music industry for the past 7 years and he has been able to visit the studio to dish out melodious tunes, waxing songs like Wire Wire, Secure the Bag, Don go Pay, 2krap, Okpekesis and many others too numerous to mention here.

Caften teamed up with Don Sylvester Records in the year 2019 where he signed a 4 year contract and to the glory of God coupled with his immense and sterling love for music, he has released trending songs most especially Wire Wire which is making waves and has attracted over a 100,000 plays on Audiomack.

With the ability of such young talents like Caften re-directingand re-packaging the musical trend of Nigeria, there is of course massive hope that the country’s younger generation are giving the entire country a very bright future as regards entertainment. His song, Wire Wire is loved by all who have listened to it because it changed their perspective about the caliber of music produced today by the youths. Wire Wire has surely come to stay in the comity of songs both in Nigeria and in the Diaspora.

Giving kudos to the man at the centre stage of Caften’s gradual rise to international stardom, Don Sylvester. He is a man whose passion for the growth and development of the Nigerian youths is unrivalled. He could be compared with other notable deserving musical entrepreneurs who invested heavily in bringing out the best out of the talented Nigerian youths. Don Sylvester is indeed an entertainment investor whose knack and passion for quality know no bound. He is a detribalized personality who craves for the sporadic propelling of the numerous hidden talents in the country regardless of their geo-political zone, tribe or language. All he is after is quality and convincing future for the Nigerian music and entertainment industry in general.

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