December 1, 2022

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He is popularly known as the Mobile Pastor, Prophet Dr. Victor Oziegbe started his ministry in 2001 after his course at the Bible School. He was an assistant pastor at Church of God Mission, Benin City in Edo State. The man of God, who raised up the dead through the powers of God spoke exclusively with ISAAC IFEANYI AGWAZIM, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of TOP SOCIETY MAGAZINE on several topical issues bordering religion and the society at large. Enjoy reading:

Can you let us into the Word of Prayer Bible International Church how it all started?

God bless you. I am Prophet Dr. Victor Oziegbe aka the Mobile Prophet. I would say God has been so faithful. In 2001, God gave us this vision and that was after my Bible School.

I have served as an Assistant Pastor with Church of God Mission, Edo State before I coming to Lagos, to fellowship under Bishop Ojo, from there I moved to fellowship with Reverend Chris and then going back to my church which is Church of God Mission as an Usher.

In 1997 to 1999, I was in Bible School then in year 2000, I graduated and to God be the glory, I was ordained in year 2000 as a Full Time Pastor. So after then, I served in churches before year 2001 precisely October 21 when God said its time.

I started Word of Prayer Bible International Church in my room. People come to fellowship in my room, to the glory of God, as time goes on, one faithful day a lady died somewhere and one of her brothers is a member of our church. They later wrapped the body and brought her to the house where we are having our church service. And to the glory of God but to the amazement of everybody, I prayed fervently and laid hands on her and she bounced back to life. When the lady gained her full consciousness, she stood up and say if God can use you (that’s me) to bring me back to life, why are you using your room. I later learnt that her late husband has two plots of land in different places and she told me to come and choose one. To God be the glory, we chose one then and we started building our church there and that’s how everything started.


Can you recall the first ever miracle God has used you for in the course of you serving Him?

That question is a very serious one, but I could remember that in 2001, when I finished my Bible School, I was assisting a pastor, Pastor Adeniran Philip and the church name is Family Bus Church Assembly and in that year, one morning I went to the church and when I got to the compound I found out that they have locked the church and I asked, why do they lock the church and they said somebody died in that house. The name of the person then was Mr. Abiodun who they said died in that house around 5am in the morning and that was why we could not hold service on that day. I asked for the person and they showed me the room where he was kept. It was actually a room and parlour apartment. I went there with my secretary named Mr. Peter (an Evangelist), we entered the room around 7.30am, and remember the man died by 5am. We found men gathering in the sitting room and they were mourning. They were also planning on how to take the man to the mortuary. I entered inside and asked them where is the dead body? They were surprised and shocked that why am I asking for the man that died. I replied them that I am a pastor, I came to preach in church and they told me somebody died and I want to pray for the person. They reluctantly told me that he is inside there.  Then I entered inside and see the man lying on the bed flat, covered with cloth. At the first instance, I wanted to go back, because I never thought that was how people die, I thought maybe he will still be shaking his head. The spirit of God asked me to remove the cloth and I remember a testimony by our father in the Lord, late Archbishop Idahosa on how he raised the dead and I just went to the corpse straight and I started praying. Then, my secretary stood by the door watching me, I prayed very fervently and the man couldn’t open his eyes, the more I prayed, the more he closes his eyes more. At that point, my faith was about going down, and I told Peter let’s go it as if this man would not come back to life. Then my spirit told me, you passed through people as you coming in, how would you tell them say im no wake up?

That was the reason I went back and I started praying again and the Lord ordered me to use the anointing oil in my pocket to anoint the man. I did that and before you know it, after more than 30 minutes of hard prayer, the man came back to life and on that same day, we opened the church downstairs, all the money they gathered to take the man to the mortuary, they packaged it and put it in a brown envelope and brought it to the church, the man came down that day and joined us in service where he gave his testimony. That happens to be my first major testimony that God raised a man from dead. But today, I cannot count how many God has risen.

Can you recall your breakthrough in the ministry so far?

A man of God came here and asked me, how do you start your ministry, how do you borrow, maybe as a loan and I said no, I finished my Bible School I started in my room without one naira. But to God be the glory, why am called Mobile Prophet is because I have travelled round the world to preach the Gospel. The main breakthrough I think I have is to be able to win souls to God. So I think that is the major breakthrough. God has never failed us once


Having travelled round the world, how can you rate Nigeria to other countries of the world when it comes to development?

My brother, the only thing we are praying for in Nigeria is to be blessed. Nigeria is far, far, far behind. Let me say that the lowest country I have gone to is South Africa but yet, as an African country like our own, you cannot compare South Africa with Nigeria. God bless us in everything, but we are not there yet. We pray that God Almighty will touch our leaders to do the needful and the right thing. Look at what is happening now as this epidemic came into the world. If our leaders would have built a good hospital, they would have been able to attend hospital here and now the borders are closed and the question is where would they go and treat themselves. God want to use this epidemic to shape the world to make us understand that He is God. The situation is terrible in the whole world even where they are running to, people are dying there. So we pray that God will help us, we are far behind. Though I don’t think this generation can get there but by faith I can believe. My first journey to South Korea was in 2009  and when I went back in 2011, what I saw in 2009, everything turned around. I began to see glass houses. They have development every day. In South Korea, you can go 100 feet down taking a train. Can that one happen in Nigeria again? It’s not possible because we don’t have plan but we pray that God will touch us. I don’t condemn my country, I always speak positive words concerning our country because I know wherever you go be it Canada, USA, France, Germany or just anywhere, this is your home. The fact is if our leaders can change, then everything will be alright for us.

What do you think our leaders should put in structure to compete with other nations of the world?

Everything, they have not started. Number one, we depend on oil. If our government can hear me from here, I would say oil can dry up. Other nations have other things that bring money to their economies. They have factories, companies, trade is moving, they have many other things working for them. Nations that don’t even have oil, Italy for instance, they are doing very well. They manage their resources very well. We have everything, but only depend on oil. The government should look into other things to be able to boost the economy. When they say no job in Nigeria, how would there be job when the government has not created one.  In 2007, I joined Dangote Group of Companies in Ikeja, that is Dangote Agro Sacks. Then, in that second building that Dangote bought, there was the Nigerian Textile Mills there that suddenly closed and Dangote has to buy everything. This is because Nigeria could not manage her textile mills. Today, Nigeria Textile Mills is dead. My late uncle worked at the Nigerian Airways, he was a chartered accountant there. Today, where is Nigerian Airways? Its’ gone because the government is focusing on only oil. They can’t manage any other thing and that is the problem we have. All politicians are targeting oil. If there is any politician that can build a factory or companies or invest in agriculture, I believe everything will be alright.


Few Years ago, we have cases of Ebola virus, Lassa fever and recently the Corona virus which is currently rampaging the world, what is your take on this?

This epidemic that came to rock the world, I believe God wants to use it to shape the world. Some years ago, I was in Spain and on my way going to church I met a Spanish man.  My pastor that we were going together invited the man and asked the man if he could follow us to church, he said which church, he said there is no God. He said if there is God you that is talking to me what are you doing kin our country.  Why did God not help your own country? Today, the Spain now people are dying there and they are now looking for God. Italian prime minister came out and said that they have exhausted all the knowledge they have and they now have to look unto God. This thing they called Corona Virus will die, God w ants to shape the world and reshape it. That is the truth, the white man now know that there is God. Donald Trump called for national prayer. He called on pastors and everybody to come and pray. Every nation is looking up to God now. Scientists have failed, even the scientists that say there is no God have failed. Therefore, God just want to use this medium to test the world.


What is the challenge of running a ministry in Nigeria?

Very enormous challenges. Number one, within us the priests, the bishops, the archbishops, the pastors. We are the main challenges we have. As we are here now, pastors are attacking pastors, celebrities attacking pastors, people are coming out and say that why they could not prophesize this, they were prophesying that and this. While other nations of the world are calling their pastors for prayers, Nigerians have turned their own to comedy. The only thing that will help this nation is for all of us to come back humble before God. That is the only thing that will help us.  Many people are backsliding, they are not following God again, confusion has entered the Kingdom and they don’t know who to follow. That is the problem Nigeria has now. So we pray that by the grace of God, God Almighty will arrest His people and let the salvation stay and let there be repentance not only in Nigeria but in the whole Africa.


There was an update on tithing where some clerics said that tithing is not mandatory, while some say it is mandatory, what is your own opinion on this debate?

Anyway, I think I have already told one journalist that I have nothing to say about this issue. But I would say everybody should go and read their Bible, Tithing is of God. We should not take it as a child’s play. When you read your Bible properly, you would know the meaning of tithing. The devil knew that tithing gives prosperity and he has to attack it. Attacking it is to make poverty to increase in the church that when they stop paying their tithes, blessing would not come and that is why people are coming with different things, they go into the Bible and turn it upside down. Tithing is your ten percent of earning and it is mandatory by God but by you it’s your choice and not by force. So we pray that that knowledge will come. In the recent past, all these were not forthcoming, why now. People have used it to prosper, people who pay their dues to God and they prosper.  Even Jesus Christ paid his own dues, he says let’s give unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar and he said Peter go into the sea, cast any fish you catch and open its mouth, you will see money. Go and use it to pay my own tax and pay yours. Why is it now turning to a debate? So, it is the devil that entered the church of God to make sure he distracts God’s people.


This looks like an end time to the world, what would be your message to Christendom?

Just this afternoon, I have told the people to stop being afraid. 2 Timothy 1:7 has narrated everything. So stop being afraid because fear is of the devil. When there is fear, there is conquer. But when you remove fear and understand the way of God, everything they are saying now will die down and peace will reign in our nation by the grace of God.

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