December 2, 2022

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Industry where men dominate: Tomi Somefun changing the game at Unity Bank

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Too many experts within an industry give the illusion that this is normal and everyone is at the same level of brilliance, vision and breadth of ability. But in the Nigerian banking and finance sector, there are crouching dragons and tigers. Crouch no more, Tomi Somefun; your genius has been brought to limelight.

Unity Bank Plc used to be one of those commercial banks in Nigeria that kept a semi-low profile. Such banks did not seek to compete, only to meet their predetermined goals. No more! The brilliance, methods, pursuits and accomplishments of the bank’s MD/CEO, Oluwatomi (Tomi) Somefun, have dragged it to stand on an equal height with the other banking giants of Nigeria.

In recent days, Tomi Somefun has consolidated her more than two and a half decades of corporate experience and thrust her high-tier level of expertise into the pool of master managers and CEOs in Nigeria. Taking advantage of trends, Somefun has resorted to tying certain blocks of the Unity Bank customer demographic to certain staff teams within the bank. The result of this decision is a new wave of banking services that is tailor-made for and therefore suits every one of their customers. Talk about customer satisfaction.

Somefun has also managed to reach equilibrium in her integration of traditional and modern banking. In a world where nearly everything is available at the click of a button, Somefun is pushing to have Unity Bank take the lead in these responsive, customer-deterministic services. So far, the digital service corner of the bank has closed in on its former objectives of awareness and utilisation. On to the next step.

Overall, Tomi Somefun is not a disappointment to her dazzling education or many chartered fellowships. This is what it means to be a visionary leader, a professional banker, and an excellent corporate paragon. If Unity Bank does not surpass its contemporaries with Somefun at the head of things, it might as well become a bookshop.

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