November 23, 2022

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Lagos state government announce resumption date for worship centres, give guidelines

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Lagos state governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has announced that religious activities will resume in the state on June 19.

The governor made the announcement at an ongoing press briefing at government house, Marina, Lagos, on Thursday.

He said while Muslim services will resume on June 19, while Christian worship would begin on June 21.

The governor said children below age of 15 not should not be allowed at religious gatherings restricted to Fridays and Sundays.

On Monday, the federal government lifted the ban on religious gatherings across the country.

The government had imposed the ban two months ago to check the spread of coronavirus.

But after the ban was lifted, Anofiu Elegushi, commissioner for home affairs, says reopening of worship centres would not be possible now because the state is the epicentre of coronavirus pandemic in Nigeria.

Lagos has a total of 5,440 coronavirus patients, the highest in the country.

The commissioner had said the government had held several meetings with some religious leaders who agreed that worship centres should be closed until “the coast is clear”.

“Even before the pronouncement by the federal government, we have been having meetings with the religious leaders, we even had one with safety commission, looking at the possibility of reopening of religious houses,” he said.

“We also had one with the leaders of the two faith and I want to tell you categorically that at that meeting, the possibility of reopening religious houses was ruled out totally.

“They claimed that they cannot take such responsibility of ensuring that only 20 or 50 people are praying behind them. Like an Imam said he doesn’t know what is going on at the back immediately he is leading a prayer.

“He said if more than 20 or 50 people are staying at his back he is not going to take responsibility for their presence.”

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