December 1, 2022

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Nelson Ndukwe, Adams Linus seeks vote to remain in Mr. Tourism Nigeria camp

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Voting for Mr. Tourism Nigeria 2022 is currently ongoing and two of the contestants, Mr. Nelson Ndukwe and Adams Linus have called on kind Nigerians to vote for them so as to remain in Mr. Tourism Nigeria camp as well as to win the crown back to Dreams Model Production & Entertainment.

Nelson Ndukwe and Linus Adams promise to make Nigerians proud if they come out victorious in the competition.

King Daniel Isong Aka Supermodel, Kingmodel is the founder of the Model Agency/Coach, he is the Sponsor of both contestants, Nelson & Linus of Mr Tourism Nigeria 2022.

King Daniel has assured that both contestants are responsible and reliable. Consequently, he is soliciting for votes in favour of them.

“Nelson & Linus are responsible please my beautiful people in the world vote for them, It Is N50 per vote.”

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