November 23, 2022

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Nollywood Actor, Uche Odoputa accuse IPOB of his father’s kidnap

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Nollywood Actor, Uche Odoputa has accused members of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, of being responsible for the kidnap of his father, Pa Kenneth Odoputa, who has since May 6th, remained in the captivity of those men with no one knowing there whereabout.

In exclusive media chart, Uche Odoputa said that his father was kidnapped in his village in Orsu Local Government Area in Imo State, and that this particular incident is actually a witch-hunt by the IPOB men who accused my father of dealing with government, saying that they saw him drinking with some members of Nigerian Army in the market square and when we made a case that it wasn’t true, they said they would keep him till the outcome of their incantations.

Uche Odoputa went further to state that people now use IPOB members to set traps for other people, infact, there is no government in Orsu LGA, no Police presence, no nothing, therefore making it a free for all operation for these people, but we are pleading with them to let my father go, especially when he is neither a politician nor a government contractor.This killings and kidnappings in the South-East, Uche sad, has to stop and I use this medium to plead with Governments, both at the state and federal level to have this menace stopped before it consumes all of us.

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