February 2, 2023

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Plastic Pallets Manufactures are aiding the sustainability of the Nigeria Economy, and the Africa Market

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Stakeholders in the plastic pallets sector are devolving ways of building the economy of Nigeria, to generate a stable system in the government by creating various business strategies and economic methods to reduce joblessness and deteriorate economic development.

The operators in this sector are using the international standards of manufacturing economical tools intervention in the immediate challenges of communities across the States providing thousands of employment for the indigene especially the youth of the land.

Plastic Pallets Manufactures production demands has increased immensely In the past four decades as a reowned Manufactures , Shongai Packaging a conglomerate of Sona Group of Industries, Inorder to conserve foreign exchange, the Plastic Pallets are exported in the ECOWAS Countries and Europe which the foreign exchange is used in building the economy of Nigeria, Shongai Plastic Packaging is produced for Nigeria and the purpose economy development.

As a result, a number of plastic pallets production in the country, creating thousands of jobs in the sector’s value chain, ranging from grinding, washing, drying to make in small chips (I0mm size) in German machines herbolt(2tonnes/hr/per machine).This is further melted,palletised & converted in granules in Ereme machines from Austria. Finally converting Granules to Plastic Pallets which environmentally friendly in Krauss Maffei machines from Germany.Which is can be further be re- Grinded converted into Granules for further production.The resultant effect was a rise in income levels for those involved in the value chain.

Plastic Pallets Manufactures are saving cost compare to the Wooden Pallet which life span is 3/6 months. Broken Plastic Pallets can be broken, reprocess and supply at conversion cost.

Wooden Pallets causes Deforestation and loss of oxygen to the environment and cutting down of trees has greatly affected the atmosphere, which is one of the main contributors to unpredictable weather changes such as drought, flood etc.

It’s very important we save trees and environment, The Environment and the Economy is really the two sides of a coin and if we cannot sustain the Environment we cannot sustain ourselves.

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