December 1, 2022

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Showcasing the Enigmatic and Proactive Nature of Samson Asuelimen, A Super Dealer of Automobiles

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Absolute dedication to one’s venture cum total commitment is the major key to success”.   -Chinese Adage

Sagacity and dexterousness are no doubt, the hallmark of asuccessful man in life. For anyone who thought success is served a la carte, then such a person must be having a sort of Hollywood dream. Certainly, and most commonly in this part of the planet, it takes absolute commitment and dedication to one’s calling to be at the helms and pinnacle of any business ventures and this is why the coinage that many are called but few are chosen should be given tremendous attention.

The story of the Nigerian automobile industry is as old as the era of its invention. Several companies have made extremely huge income selling cars, trucks, vans and other machineries to those who could afford them. Today, the story has not changed as quite a number of young business entrepreneurs are dominating the automobile space in the country.

Although, some section of Nigerians are of the perspective that automobile is luxury, viz-a-viz cruising around town in exotic and flashy car is a sort of ‘painting the town red”, but some other section sincerely believe that it is a necessity needed for the day-to-day running of one’s business while also using automobiles to attend to family and other personal needs.

On daily basis, the Nigerian auto market is fast growing to become one of the most patronized in the sub-Sahara Africanregion with the unquenchable desire of the rich and average Nigerians demanding from dealers to deliver top notch luxury and affordable automobile to meet their taste and personality.

Curiously, we are beaming our searchlight on this Uromi, Edo-born automobile dealer, Mr. Samson Asuelimen, the CEO of SAMASU MOTORS who is also known as Mr. Luxury Cars.

Mr. Asuelimen’s story is that of a young business entrepreneur who moved from obscurity to international popularity. He could be classified as a highly favoured man who rose from grass to grace through dint of hardwork and special grace of God. Scanning back memory lane, young Samson worked as a hustler, scooping for buyers for different car dealers before getting his own commission at the end of the deal. In this capacity, Samson worked assiduously and transparently to garner enough confidence and trust from both the dealers and buyers. He was such a goal-getter young man whose passion towards success is unblemished. With God on his side, young Samson was able to vehemently learn the rudiments of the business and applied his technical knowledge to it before he ventured into car dealership years later.

Though, it was rough and tough when he commenced business with several ‘Rocks of Gibraltar’  threatening his success, but with total commitment to his dream of becoming one of the world’s most  successful businessmen and an icon in automobile business, he forged on and never looked back neither was he ever distracted or discouraged. As a man very close to his Creator the Almighty God, Samson prayed energetically and submitted his business to Him for survival. Of course, the Holy book says whoever call and rely on God must surely be answered and blessed. It only took a while before Samson Asuelimen hit the goldmine in automobile dealership.

Mr. Luxury Cars graduated from a man who deals on selling cars of low profile to an automobile tycoon who now deals in multi-million naira vehicles for the stupendously rich cycle cutting across all lucrative sectors of the global economy. Today, a visit to the Omole Phase 1 Estate and Ajah offices of SamasuMotors depicts class, panache and absolute glamour. Strategically positioned around the auto-stands are state-of-the-art automobiles. This however, does not point to the fact that affordable cars are not available at the car mart of SamasuMotors.

There is no doubting the fact that this energetic and sagacious business tycoon is immensely blessed with the desire to meet the needs of his targeted audience in the auto mobile market; a feat he has been able to accomplish over the years as presently, his company, SAMASU Motors is patronized by high-powered royalties, business bigwigs, political stalwarts, boardbroomCzars and regular Nigerians who wants the best of automobile products for their convenience and pleasure.

The soft speaking, easy going entrepreneur, recalled the beginning of his journey into the automobile business and according to him as quoted, he emphasized that “I have been in this business over twenty years, and if I cannot say one or two things about the business, then I have been wasting my time”. The business has been very good and profitable, in fact after God, automobile business has made me whatever I am today, through this business, I have travelled to different countries of the world, own properties here and there, taking care of my family, even this stand is our own property.

However, not all that glitters is gold, Samson Asuelimen as written earlier, rose from bottom-line of the auto business to its top echelon and through this, he is in a position to speak on the rigors and challenges of the business. Mr. Asuelimen was once quoted to have said that the burning issue in the auto business is regulation, because any one can travel and return with a car and park it by the road side and sale at a cheaper rate. That affects those of us who owns car lots and pay levies to government at all levels. As a matter of fact, Nigerians forget that the cheap car you bought by the road side if it has issues you cannot find the seller tomorrow but those of us who charge you a little higher are always here in the event of any challenge. For instance in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, you cannot sale or buy cars on the streets, you must walk into a car market to sale or buy a car. I will like to do that because it will increase income for the government and profit for the businessmen. He submitted.

The second issue I will look at, is the issue of levies to clear a single car,to be candid, this issue has to be vigorously looked into to ease our business and help Nigerians get the life they deserve.  If the government reduces what they charge for import duties, the prices will reduce.

The Uromi, Edo-born businessman, socialite and wonderful family man has a deep passion for his beloved country Nigeria and her people hence, his resolve to ensure that the affordability of automobiles become a problem of the past to the people. It is his sincere believe that Nigerians should not see cars as luxury but a necessity which will go a long way in easing businesses across the country. As a shrewd businessman and car dealer, Samson Asuelimen through his company SAMASU Motors has carved a very solid niche for himself and he is vastly respected by fellow automobile dealers both in the country and in abroad.

He knows the importance of cars in everyone’s life even though he is also aware that not everyone could afford buying a car but when asked if car is a necessity or a lifestyle, he explained that“a car is a necessity, imagine you taking your family out in the rainy season with no car, or glamorously dressed in a bespoke suite or Nigerian agbada for an event and it begins to rain without a car, you know how you will look.

Samson Asuelimen is a thorough-bred philanthropist and a very generous man who detests seeing people suffer. He knows vividly that the Almighty God gave him his success, hence, the need for him to reciprocate by giving back to the society. No doubt, he has touched several lives and put heavy smiles on the faces of the people. The humble automobile giant once narrated that truthfully he has been blessed but he prefers the blessings of God in his life to reflect on other people not on him personally, but he just try to be comfortable while remembering the less privileged.

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